‘Man United target’ Napoli monster striker, expensive ‘200 billion

Very expensive. 150 million euros (approximately 202.5 billion won) were earmarked.

Italy’s ‘Il Martino’ said on the 7th (Korean time), “Manchester United have been preparing negotiations to sign Victor Osimen since January. But nothing could be done. Napoli did not even want to sit at the negotiating table. First of all, it was postponed to June.”

“It is also difficult for Napoli to capture Osimen. Osimen is receiving an annual salary of more than 4 million euros (approximately 5.4 billion won) and has two and a half years left on the contract. It is impossible to raise his salary at this time, so Napoli will grant him a summer transfer and they want 150 million euros.”

Nigerian striker Osimen joined Napoli from LOSC Lille in the summer of 2020. The transfer fee was 75 million euros (approximately 101 billion won). He recorded 18 goals and 6 assists in 38 official matches in the previous season, and was a resource recruited as a ‘club record’ because he had a lot of potential.

His performance was as expected. In the 2020-21 season, 30 games, 10 goals and 3 assists, in the 2021-22 season, 32 games, 18 goals and 6 assists, and this season, 21 games, 17 goals and 4 assists, he was responsible안전놀이터 for Napoli’s front line. The reason Napoli has been able to lead the league so far this season is because Osimen’s toes burst.

Then Man Utd sent a love call. Manchester United left a striker vacancy when they terminated Cristiano Ronaldo’s contract midway through the season. As a result, he kept an eye on Osimen while searching for a replacement. However, he had to turn the target as Napoli refused to negotiate. First of all, I decided to spend the rest of the season by renting Boot Verhost.

Now, from next season, we need a front-line player to entrust the future, and difficulties in recruiting Osimen are predicted. ‘Il Martino’ reported that Napoli had set a fee of 150 million euros for Osimen. Even with a slight cut, the level of 100 million euros (approximately 135 billion won) is needed.

The positive thing is that Napoli is open to the sale of Osimen. Napoli also decided that it would be difficult to renew the contract with Osimen. The salary cap set by Napoli president Arurelio De Laurentiis cannot meet Osimen’s demands.

Napoli is also forming a front-line list in preparation for the sale of Osimen. According to the media, they plan to sign Giovanni Simeone completely and are chasing Armando Broya from Chelsea.

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