Lowest batting average since 2009 → Kang Jung-ho and special training’ Son Ah-seop, the last task is the launch angle [Oh!

NC Dinos Son Ah-seop arrived at Incheon International Airport on the 8th after finishing spring camp in Arizona, USA. In an interview after his return to Korea, “The camp was well finished with no major injuries in a very good atmosphere. As a captain, I want to say thank you to my juniors. Camp is over, but now the season begins. I think it’s important from now on,” he said after finishing the spring camp.

Last season, Son A-seop, who recorded a batting average of 2.77 li (152 hits in 548 bats), 4 home runs and 48 RBIs, OPS .714 in 138 games, failed to achieve a batting average of 30% for the fourth time in his career following 2019. Based on his full-time season, this is his second .300 batting average, and his lowest batting average since 2009 (.186 batting average). Son Ah-seop, who was very disappointed with his performance last season, visited Kang Jeong-ho, who opened a baseball academy in Los Angeles during the off-season, to prepare for the season.스포츠토토,

Son Ah-seop, who said, “I think I have organized about 80%,” said, “I finished the camp with a good feeling. Now, through the demonstration game, I am trying to make up for about 20% of the parts that I felt were lacking. I want to start playing from April this year.”

The part Son A-seop is focusing on is the launch angle of the batted ball. Son Ah-seop said, “The ball speed and the ball’s vision in the at-bat are progressing well as expected.” I think I need to check more through the demonstration game,” he said, focusing on the demonstration game.

Son Ah-seop, who said, “There is a reference point for the launch angle and there is a part to think about,” said Son A-seop, “I have not yet come up with the desired number, so I am thinking about it. The goal is to create a launch angle of about 20 degrees. Each hitter is different, but in my case, I am not a powerful hitter, but a hitter who hits with skill. Powerful hitters will hit a home run when they increase the launch angle, but in my case, there is a chance of being caught with a fly ball. I tried to find a launch angle where I could hit the most hits with my strength,” he explained his specific goal.

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