Looking at Klinsmann’s football philosophy… Looking for a ‘sure goalkeeper’

 Coach Jurgen Klinsmann, who will lead the Korean national soccer team, expressed his intention that he prefers players who enjoy one-on-one competition and are good at dribbling, including authentic strikers like himself. It is expected that this 안전놀이터 tendency will be reflected in the selection of the national team in the future.

Director Klinsman served as a member of the Technical Study Group (TSG) at the time of the 2022 Qatar World Cup last December. At the time, Klinsmann revealed some of his own football philosophy.

According to the remarks made at the event released by the International Football Federation (FIFA), coach Klinsmann analyzed the cause of Germany’s elimination from the group stage on December 4 last year. He commented, “We (Germany) created scoring opportunities, but the finishing was not concise.”

Manager Klinsman criticized the so-called fake number 9 tactic. It was that he did not have the number 9, an authentic striker. He analyzed, “Germany used a fake number 9 tactic, and in this case, the players can make excuses that they are not a real number 9. Currently, Germany does not have a real number 9 like the past Miroslav Klose.”

“The problem with Germany is that they don’t finish well, they don’t have a real goalscorer to turn their chances into goals,” he said.

Coach Klinsmann also emphasized the importance of flank attacks in modern football. He pointed out that it is common for the defense and midfielders to defend in two lines, and that this made it difficult to score through a break through the center.

Regarding this, Dutch Cody Gakpo mentioned the opening goal scored in the first leg match against Senegal in the group stage. He analyzed, “Looking back on the beautiful goal scored by Cody Gakpo, Gakpo fooled two defenders by running,” and “we see goals coming through the side very often.”

Manager Klinsman also emphasized the importance of developing an attack through one-on-one dribbling breakthrough, not passing.

Regarding the statistic that the South American team made 3.6 one-on-one breakthroughs per game at the Qatar World Cup, while the European team made only 2.1, Klinsman said, “In Europe, for the past 10 years, we have been teaching young players to pass the ball. As a result, one-on-one ability “When the game is tight, we have no choice but to rely on players who can make one-on-one breakthroughs,” he said.

At an event held on the 17th of the same month after the World Cup semifinals, coach Klinsmann re-introduced his philosophy on attacking work.

He said, “I have the ball on the side where there is more space compared to the dense center, and then I try to score by putting in a cross. But in this case, I need a number 9 striker who can score a goal,” he said. “France and Argentina reached the final “It’s no coincidence. Both teams have players who can convert the chances created from the wide side into goals.”

Furthermore, he predicted that each country would focus on finding an authentic striker in the future. Coach Klinsmann said, “In the future, it will be important to develop strikers who can find scoring opportunities and finish them concisely in the penalty box.” Finding a striker will be the key,” he said.

In addition, when asked to predict the World Cup final, attention was paid to Argentine striker Julian Alvarez. This is a part where you can get a glimpse of the preference for a new goal scorer.

Ahead of the final, he singled out Alvarez alongside Messi as the players to watch in Argentina, calling him “a fantastic young player”.

“Alvarez has grown through the competition and has already scored four goals,” he said.

As a result, coach Klinsman is expected to lead the Korean national team in the future and boldly appoint an authentic striker-style player with a sense of goal that can lead a cross into a goal, regardless of age or career. In addition, among midfielders and defenders, players who are good at one-on-one breakthrough and accurate crosses seem likely to be selected.

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