“Look, everything will be fine” SSG ace assured the ‘Lefty Kingdom’ 

SSG Landers pitcher Kwang-Hyun Kim set up a mini camp in Okinawa, Japan on the 2nd.

The four SSG pitchers with Kim Kwang-hyun are Oh Won-seok, Baek Seung-gun, Park Si-hoo, and Lee Ki-soon. It was a ‘special left-handed camp’ composed of all left-handed pitchers, including Kim Gwang-hyun. Kim Gwang-hyun returned to Korea after completing more than two weeks of individual training in Okinawa, and on the 25th, as a starter, he departed for the team spring camp in Florida, USA.

Kim Gwang-hyeon, whom we met at the airport on the 25th, was asked by reporters, “How was the Okinawa camp?” and smiled brightly, saying, “I did a good workout,” and made a confident expression, “Please see how this season is going.” 토토사이트

Kim Gwang-hyun said, “I promised to have a party if all five of us get together in the first team this year. I don’t know if we can all get together, but I hope everything goes well. I’m a lucky player, so those players will be lucky too.”

He wasn’t just relying on luck. Before going to camp, Kim Gwang-hyeon inquired about a good pitcher for the 2nd team. Kim Gwang-hyun said, “They are players who have been in the 1st team once. They are players who can work well in the 1st team. I took the players who worked hard with advice from the 2nd team staff and coaches.”

Kim Gwang-hyun showed off his ‘senpai beauty’, saying, “All of them are expected. Shihoo, Kisuni, and Seunggun all have their strengths and weaknesses, but they are players with great potential to grow.

The growth of promising players is important, but Kim Gwang-hyun also needs to do well. He revealed the mini-camp training process, saying, “Last year when I signed the contract, I have to play (WBC) this year. But I did not think in a hurry, but rather slowly built my body.”

Hearing that ‘Oh Won-seok said he wanted to go (mini-camp) again next year’, Kim Gwang-hyeon said, “How much money did you spend?” Attention is focusing on whether Kim Gwang-hyeon’s ‘sight’, which invested in the team’s future at his own expense, will lead SSG to build a left-handed pitcher kingdom within 10 years.

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