“Let’s do well like Yang Hyo-jin” Advice from a national setter… ‘Overall 1st place’ MB life game

This day was as good as Yang Hyo-jin (Hyundai E&C), the number one player in the center of the V-League. KGC Ginseng Corporation’s middle blocker Jung Ho-young soared vigorously with the special advice of national setter Yeom Hye-seon. 

KGC Ginseng Corporation won with a set score of 3-1 in an away game against Heungkuk Life Insurance in the 4th round of the Dodram 2022-2023 V-League Women’s Division held at Samsan World Gymnasium in Incheon on the 25th. As a result of this day, it won 3 consecutive wins and rose to 4th place, overtaking GS Caltex. Season 11 wins 13 losses (35 points). I tasted the victory of Heungkuk Life Insurance in 433 days since November 18, 2021. 

The protagonist of the victory was Jung Ho-young, a 4-year middle blocker. With a high attack success rate of 62.07%, he was responsible for the second most 21 points in the team, leading the suppression of Heungkuk Life Insurance. Blocked the opponent’s attack at every decisive moment, and also recorded 3 blocks. The 21 points is the most points scored by an individual in a game since his debut. 

Ho-young Jeong said after the game, “It feels so good to catch Heungkuk Life Insurance, which I couldn’t win. The game went difficult in the middle, but it’s good to have 3 points,” he said. I just received and ate the ball that was beautifully raised. She could have scored more if she hadn’t made a mistake. I feel regretful,” he said.

Another secret to the success of the day was the advice of director Ko Hee-jin. Jeong Ho-young said, “Now, whether there are two or three blockers, I just have to hit them from above. My response to the dropped ball has also improved, and the coach advised me not to think there is a blocker and to hit it like a practice attack, but good results are coming out. I look at an empty spot and hit it.” 

Setter Yeom Hye-seon, who entered the interview room with her, was also proud of her junior’s performance. The advice she gave to Jeong Ho-young before the game led to the game of her life. Yeom Hye-sun said, “(Yang) Hyo-jin talked about trying to do well like her older sister. Even during night training, she says a lot to make each other,” she said. She tries to make it to the point that even if the heights don’t match, you can tell with just one glance at each other, she does. I did it with that kind of will, and good results came out,” she said with a satisfied smile.  카지노사이트

Jeong Ho-young graduated from Sunseon Girls’ High School and received the first overall nomination from Ginseng Corporation in the 2019-2020 rookie draft. However, he suffered trial and error between the left and middle blockers at the beginning of the season, and in October 2020, he suffered an anterior cruciate ligament tear and was on the operating table, only playing in one game in the 2020-2021 season. 

This season is different. He is 2nd in overall speed and 9th in blocking, revealing KGC Ginseng Corporation’s spring volleyball prospects. Jeong Ho-young said, “It is natural that the record improves because the game is played in full. Because he is a middle blocker, he has a lot of greed for blocking. If the setter helps, the attack score increases, but the blocking must be handled entirely alone. He expressed his wish that blocking would be further improved.”

Jeong Ho-young said, “I am happy because I have been playing for a long time and have been on the court for a long time. There were times when he flew through the season, and there were times when he watched for a long time outside,” he said. “That’s why I enjoy playing games. I want to keep running.” He smiled brightly. 

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