‘Legend’ Park Ji-sung welcomes… Cheonan ‘Football History Museum’ established

This is ‘News Plus’ Kim Hyun-soo.

Yesterday, in the national football team evaluation match held at Daejeon World Cup Stadium, our national team faced El Salvador and unfortunately drew 1-1.온라인카지노

2 draws and 2 losses since Klinsman took over as head coach.

In yesterday’s game, defenders such as Kim Min-jae and Kim Young-kwon were missing, and Son Heung-min was only put in after the middle of the second half due to sports hernia surgery last month.

Coach Klinsman also expressed a difficult situation, saying, “The performance in March was much better.”

However, he said, “It’s something to be proud of that 5 players made their A-match debut yesterday.”

“We have to train more and give the players confidence,” he stressed.

Meanwhile, the number of spectators who filled Daejeon World Cup Stadium yesterday reached 40,000.

In addition, the news that the number of K-League spectators is the highest ever during the same period was reported a while ago.

In the midst of this football craze, attention is also being paid to the establishment of a ‘football history museum’ promoted by Cheonan City.

Last year, Park Ji-sung also expressed his anticipation in a contribution to the Korea Football Association, saying, “It will be the first step in discovering and passing on a proud soccer cultural heritage.”

Following the Korea Football Association and Bucheon FC, the Cheonan City Football History Museum construction promotion team signed a business agreement with Daejeon Hana Citizen the day before yesterday.

It is a promise to enable the promotion team to collect, store, research, and display related records and materials, and to cooperate in the establishment of the museum.

[Soundbite] Huh Jeong-moo/Chairman of Daejeon Hana Citizen : “I hope it will be a place where anyone can go and watch and see at a glance, ‘How Korea’s soccer or history has flowed.’ . If there is a way we can help, shouldn’t we help as much as we can…”]

The uniform worn by Son Heung-min at the Qatar World Cup, the first international soccer referee in Korea.

The whistle used by referee Kim Hwa-jip and the signed ball for the 2002 World Cup team are all owned by Cheonan City.

The plan is to establish a soccer museum and exhibit 5,700 soccer-related relics, including these.

However, this is already the fourth challenge to build a soccer museum in Cheonan City.

The first start was in 2019, when the Soccer Comprehensive Center was attracted.

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has repeatedly failed in the pre-evaluation of the feasibility of establishing a public museum.

The reason for the dropout was, “Why should the Football History Museum be established in Cheonan?”

In addition, it was that there were too few key soccer-related artifacts in Cheonan City to build a museum.

Therefore, Cheonan City has since aggressively collected key soccer-related artifacts through methods such as public purchase and donation.

Match A, in yesterday’s match against El Salvador and last match against Peru, advertisements for collecting relics were placed in the stadium.

In addition, research was conducted to find out why a soccer museum should be built in Cheonan and to secure its legitimacy.

[Soundbite] Lee Ki-baek/Curator, TF Team, Cheonan Football History Museum : “The Korea Football Association has now moved the national team training center to Cheonan, so starting from the next World Cup, we will be preparing for the World Cup in Cheonan. It is also a city with a fairly long soccer history, about 120 years since it was spread, so…”] A

preliminary evaluation of the Football History Museum is scheduled for next month.

Cheonan City’s plan to become Korea’s soccer-centered city remains to be seen if it can be realized this time.

In addition, as soccer-related facilities, including the soccer general center, are already being attracted to Cheonan, it seems necessary to check whether related contents are being solidly prepared in line with this.

So far, it was ‘news plus’.

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