‘Leaping again as a starter’ GS Hadahye Libero, seizes the opportunity

GS Caltex won 3 valuable points against the Road Construction in enemy territory.

GS Caltex KIXX, led by coach Sang-Hyun Cha, scored a set score of 3-1 (26-24, 27-25, 20 -25, 25-21) won. In fact, GS Caltex, which won an important victory in the match against the 3rd place road construction worth 6 points, overtook KGC Ginseng Corporation with 39 points and recaptured the 4th place in one day (13 wins, 14 losses). 

For GS Caltex, foreign player Leticia Moma Bassoko was responsible for an attack share of 38.41% and scored 26 points, and ‘Local Geopo’ Kang So-Hwi also recorded an attack success rate of 60%, leading the team to victory with 25 points. And at GS Caltex, there was a player who provided strong support in defense with 50% receiving efficiency and 25 digs, the most for both teams on this day. The main character is Han Ha-hye, the ‘long-lived libero’ who represents the V-League.

A key opportunity came with the departure of Na Hyun-jung Libero

As the old saying goes, ‘a tree that is called the castle is recognized from the cotyledon’, most of the key players active in the V-League often stood out in the team from the beginning of their professional career. In fact, stars representing the V-League, such as ‘Volleyball Empress’ Kim Yeon-kyung (Heungkuk Life Insurance Pink Spiders), ‘Court Deer’ Hwang Yeon-joo, ‘Geoyomi’ Yang Hyo-jin (Hyundai E&C Hillstate), and ‘Clutch Park’ Park Jung-ah (Highway Corporation) All players have been active as key players in the team since their rookie season.

Of course, there are players who did not stand out much at the time of joining, but gradually leaped to the starting lineup as their professional careers accumulated. Moon Jeong-won (Highway Corporation), who is considered the best defensive striker in the league, Kim Mi-yeon, captain of Heungkuk Life Insurance, and Kim Ha-kyung, main setter of IBK Industrial Bank Altos, are typical examples. In particular, in the libero position, which requires rich experience as much as talent, there are more so-called ‘late-formation’ players who stand out late.

Da-hye Da-hye, who was a founding member of the volleyball team at Wongok High School, which produced So-hui Kang, Han-bi Lee (Pepper Savings Bank AI Peppers), and Joo-a Lee (Heungkuk Life Insurance), was nominated by GS Caltex as the 5th pick (14th overall) in the 3rd round in the 2013 rookie draft. . In fact, compared to strikers who need innate physical condition and athletic ability, libero, a defensive player, had a strong image of ‘making and using’, so Libero Hadah, who is only 164cm tall, was also not nominated in the top rankings.

At the time Han Da-hye joined the pro team, another young libero named Na Hyeon-jeong was firmly holding the starting position at GS Caltex. Besides, Na Hyeon-jung’s libero was born in 1990, and she was only four years older than Han Da-hye’s libero (born in 1995). If Na Hyeon-jung’s libero continued to play as a GS Caltex franchise star without a transfer, the opportunity might not come to Ha-hye’s libero. In fact, Libero Hadah only played in 31 games in the four seasons he joined as a pro.

In December 2018, an unexpected variable came to Ha Ha-hye libero, who had been in the warm-up zone for 5 years under Na Hyun-jung’s libero, in the sudden departure of Na Hyun-jung’s libero. Of course, the departure of the안전놀이터 starting Libero is a huge bad news for the team, but it was a golden opportunity for Libero Ha-Hye Ha, who had not been able to get a chance to play due to being overshadowed by the built-in starter. In the 2018-2019 season, despite being suddenly dropped as the starting pitcher, Hana-hye Libero performed well with a receiving efficiency of 43.04% and 3.46 digs per set in 27 games.

Opportunities come to those who are prepared.

In the end, Na Hyeon-jeong Libero left the team and ended her playing career after the season ended, and Handa-Hye Libero naturally took over as the starting Libero. Hanahye Libero recorded a receiving efficiency of 41.26% and 4.55 digs per set in the 2019-2020 season, and contributed to GS Caltex’s championship win with a receiving efficiency of 45.64% and 2.88 digs per set in the 2020-2021 season. Han Ha-hye, who watched the team win from the bench in the rookie season, proudly played an active role in winning the championship seven years later.

However, Han Da-hye’s ‘Spring Day’ was not that long. In April 2021, Oh Ji-young Libero (Pepper Savings Bank) was nominated as a compensation player for FA Lee So-young, who transferred from GS Caltex to Ginseng Corporation. The addition of Oh Ji-young, who played a key role in the semifinals of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, succeeding Kim Hae-ran (Heungkuk Life Insurance) as the national team’s starting libero, was a fatal blow to Hada-hye’s libero, who had a hard time winning the starting position.

In fact, Ha Ha-hye Libero was active as a one-point server or defensive reinforcement agent, not as a Libero, overlapping with the addition of Libero Oh Ji-young in the 2021-2022 season and acute appendicitis. However, with Oh Ji-young’s Libero sluggish this season, the number of games in which Han Ha-hye’s Libero was used as the starting pitcher increased. In the end, GS Caltex chose to part with Oh Ji-young after a season and a half on the condition that they receive the nomination right for the first round of the 2024-2025 season from Pepper Savings Bank in December 2022.

The Libero Hadah, who lost her hard-earned starting spot, has regained her starting spot and is continuing her stable performance. Libero Hadah, who participated in all 27 games GS Caltex played this season, is showing outstanding performance with a receiving efficiency of 48.17% (5th place) and 4.31 digs (6th place) per set. In the road construction match on the 9th, Han Da-hye recorded 25 digs with a stable receiving efficiency of 50%, contributing greatly to GS Caltex’s victory.

In the 2022 VNL and World Championships, after the yellow libero (Ginseng Corporation) was injured, Ha Ha-hye Libero, who played an active role as the national team’s main libero, regained her starting position at GS Caltex this season with the trade of Oh Ji-young libero. For Han Ha-hye, it can definitely be called luck, but this luck never comes to anyone. This is because it means that Hadahye Libero was always in good condition to play and do her part.

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