Korean fencing wins all gold, gold, silver and bronze medals in its first World Cup competition

Korean fencing got off to a good start by winning medals in the first event of the season.

The men’s national saber team consisting of Koo Bon-gil (National Sports Promotion Agency) Ha Han-sol (Seongnam City Hall) Do Gyeong-dong (Daegu Metropolitan City Hall) Park Sang-won (Korea National Sport University) was held on the 13th (Korean time) in Warsaw, Poland at the International Fencing Federation (FIE) World Cup. In the final of the tournament’s saber team event, he won the gold medal by beating Hungary, the world’s second place, 45-37.

The national team, which had a good start by beating Ukraine by a wide margin of 45-26 in the quarterfinals온라인바카라, advanced to the final by beating Japan 45-38 in the semifinals. Along with winning the team event at the first international competition this year, we were able to confirm the improvement of the performance of newcomers Do Kyung-dong and Park Sang-won.

The women’s epee team consisting of Kang Young-mi (Gwangju Metropolitan City Seo-gu Office), Song Se-ra (Busan Metropolitan City Office), Lee Hye-in (Gangwon-do Office), and Yu Dan-woo (Jeonnam-do Office) competed in the finals of the epee team event at the International Fencing Federation (FIE) World Cup held in Barcelona, ​​Spain. He won the championship by defeating world number 2 Italy 34-27.

In the women’s epee individual event held earlier, Kang Young-mi (Gwangju Metropolitan City Seo-gu Office) lost to Natalie Moelausen of Brazil 8-15 in the final and took the silver medal.

In the women’s saber international world cup team match held in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, the women’s saber national team consisting of Yun Ji-soo, Jeon Ha-young (Seoul City Hall), Jeon Eun-hye (Incheon Metropolitan City Jung-gu Office) and Choi Se-bin (Jeonnam-do Office) defeated Bulgaria in the quarterfinals with a 39th. He lost 45 points and ended the tournament with a bronze medal.

At the men’s and women’s foil Italian Grand Prix, where there was no team competition, Lee Gwang-hyeon (Hwaseong City Hall, Gyeonggi-do) placed 7th in the men’s individual foil event, and Hong Seo-in (Seoul City Hall) placed 24th in the women’s foil individual event.

In the first team event of the 2023 International Fencing Federation International World Cup, which starts with the 2024 Paris Olympics and the 2023 Hangzhou Asian Games, the Korean fencing team won a gold medal in the men’s team saber event, a gold medal in the women’s epee team event, and a bronze medal in the women’s saber team event. All of them won medals and announced a pleasant start.

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