Korea Sports Association expresses regret over Asian Games questionnaire sent to OCA

The Korean Olympic Committee sent a questionnaire to the Asian Olympic Council (OCA) today (3rd) regarding the participation of Russian and Belarusian athletes.

An official from the Sports Council said안전놀이터 , “We inquired about detailed management plans for each event in relation to the official letter sent by OCA to 45 member countries inviting Russian and Belarusian players to this year’s Hangzhou Asian Games.” I also expressed regret for pushing forward this matter.”

In addition, while requesting additional information from OCA, they expressed the opinion that careful review is necessary.

Immediately after the International Olympic Committee (IOC) invaded Ukraine on the 25th of last month and paved the way for athletes from Russia and Belarus, who were subject to sanctions, to compete in the 2024 Paris Olympics, OCA unilaterally sent an official letter to member countries inviting athletes from both countries to the Asian Games. year caused controversy.

However, OCA promised not to give medals based on performance even if players from the two countries play in the Asian Games, but only medals commemorating their participation, and not to have any effect on the athletes from 45 OCA member countries securing the right to participate in the Paris Olympics.

If OCA’s policy is confirmed, 500 players from Russia and Belarus belonging to the European continent will step on the stage of the Hangzhou Asian Games.

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