Korea-Japan war that almost became a ‘cold game’… “Until the end of baseball life” Lee Jeong-hoo shocked

“I think I will remember baseball until the end of my life.

” In a head-to-head match against their archrival, Japan, they 메이저사이트 were defeated 4-13. It wasn’t long, but it was one of the most shocking things in Lee Jung-hoo’s life.

Korea succeeded in attacking Darbitu Yu (San Diego Padres), who had a total of 188 wins in the US and Japan, at the beginning of the game, and scored 3 points in the top of the 3rd inning, succeeding in overcoming the baseline. However, Kim Gwang-hyun, who had been pitching solidly in the 1st and 2nd innings, allowed a turnaround, such as suddenly showing a hunting situation, and the pitchers who came out one after another collapsed. As a result, after 14 years since the 2009 WBC, he almost suffered the humiliation of the ‘cold game’.

After a shocking 7-8 defeat to Australia, which they considered to be ‘one step down’, the atmosphere of the national team hit rock bottom after being defeated by Japan, an opponent that would have to be beaten even with rock-paper-scissors. From coach Lee Kang-chul to the press conference, as well as the players passing through the mixed zone and exiting the field, no one had a bright expression on their faces. In the atmosphere at the time, it was not easy for reporters to talk to the players.

After Lee Jung-hoo won the match against the Czech Republic on the 12th, he had time to look back on his loss against Japan through an interview with reporters. He said, “I’m still a bit shocked to be honest,” and said, “I don’t know when my baseball life will end, but I think I’ll keep thinking about it until then.” He said, “I’m sorry, but ‘

At that time, the Korean national team succeeded in bringing out Darvish’s steel plate. However, Shota Imanaga fought back with 3 hits (1 home run), 3 strikeouts and 1 run (own fault) in 3 innings, and Yuki Udagawa (1 inning) – Yuki Matsui (1 inning) – Hiroto Takahashi (1 inning) in turn. He took the mound and tied the Korean batting line with ‘Perfect’, putting an end to the game.

Last year, Lee Jung-hoo won the batting average, hits, RBIs, slugging percentage, and on-base percentage titles, winning five batting crowns. And he enjoyed the joy of being selected as the MVP of the regular season. However, I had no choice but to acknowledge the contributions of Japanese pitchers. He explained, “It was nice to hit a ball I had never seen before, but it was definitely different.”

Lee Jung-hoo scored the final blow against the Czech Republic on the 12th, but his expression was never bright in a situation where his chances of advancing to the quarterfinals were slim due to two consecutive losses. But it’s not over yet. In the match at 12:00 noon on the 13th, if the Czech Republic concedes 4 runs and then defeats Australia, the moment Korea defeats China, the ticket to the quarterfinals goes to Korea. As everything was still undecided, I was determined to win the remaining matches.

Lee Jung-hoo said, “I will do my best until the end no matter how the Australian match turns out tomorrow. If you wear the national team uniform, you must do your best no matter how the result turns out.”

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