Koh Moo-yeol, who scored for the first time in 610 days, “I am grateful just for returning”

 Go Mo-yeol scored after 610 days.

Chungnam Asan won a 2-0 victory over Seongnam FC in the 16th round of the Hana One Q K League 2 2023 held at Asan Yi Sun-kyung Stadium on the 3rd at 6:30 pm. With this, Asan rose to 9th place in the league with 18 points. Seongnam is in 7th place with 20 points.메이저놀이터

After the match, Koh Moo-yeol said, “We are aiming to be undefeated in the second round, but today’s match was important because we lost last time. The players prepared with one mind, and it is fortunate that good results came out,” he said with a smile.

Regarding the scoring moment, “I was so happy that I didn’t think about anything else. After scoring, I think I got some free time in the remaining game time.”

Ko Moo-yeol scored a goal after 610 days. Go Mo-yeol said, “Personally, if the long injury was difficult, it was difficult and I am grateful just to be able to come back. It is important for him to score goals, but he is also concerned about not getting injured again. I will pay more attention to taking care of my body.”

Regarding his own physical condition, “His physical condition has improved since his first game. He felt better about the game than the first time, but he personally thinks it is lacking. I think we need to pay more attention,” he said.

Finally, Gomu-yeol said, “His colleagues said they were celebrating a lot, so he asked me to buy coffee. On Monday he decided to buy coffee. Personally and as a team, I think it will be very helpful. I feel like I’m going to score a lot of goals. I think this goal will be a good opportunity,” he concluded the interview.

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