Ko Jin-young, the first major player this year, “mentally and physically perfect”

 Ko Jin-young (28), who is ranked third in the women’s golf world, showed confidence ahead of the Chevron Championship, a major LPGA tournament.

In an interview with the LPGA on the 20th (Korean time), 먹튀검증Ko Jin-young said about winning this tournament in 2019, “I won my first major championship in 2019, but time has already passed so quickly.” But the course is very good and I am looking forward to it.”

“I sometimes watch the highlights of the 2019 tournament, but it’s not the same as it was five years ago,” he said. “I remember all the scenes and the winning putts. I miss those moments and I’m ready.”

Regarding not winning a major since 2019, “In 2019, I knew I was ready for the majors, but after 2019 I changed my swing coach and a lot of things happened in my life. So I wasn’t comfortable playing on the course, especially It was even more so in the majors.”

“Now I’m ready to play in the majors. I’m with my swing coach and I’m happy that everything is going well,” he said. “Both mentally and physically are perfect. This course isn’t easy, but I’m ready to enjoy it. Looking forward to it. it does,” he said.

Regarding the wrist injury, Ko Jin-young said, “It was difficult last year, but my wrist is getting better. I think it’s up to 80%, and now it’s really good.

“My game has changed a little since last year and this year, and this year I’m a little more aggressive,” he said. “It takes a lot, so I can create a little more birdie opportunities. My game is pretty good right now.”

Regarding the strategy for this tournament, “The trajectory of the ball has become a little higher than last year and has changed to a fade pitch. Sometimes I play toward the center of the green.” “Anyway, this course doesn’t seem easy to play aggressively. ” he pointed out.

The Chevron Championship, the first major event on the LPGA Tour this year, will be held on the 20th at Woodlands Club at Carlton Woods Jack Nicklaus Signature Course in Texas, USA.

Ko Jin-young has 14 LPGA career victories. Among them, he has won two major championships. Jinyoung Ko won the Chevron Championship and the Evian Championship in 2019.

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