Kim Seung-seop, who challenges ‘Wingback’ for the first time in his life “Individual lessons, with the thought of playing for two people”

For Jeju United Kim Seung-seop (27), this year is a series of ‘challenges’.

Before this season, Kim Seung-seop left Daejeon Hana Citizen, where he had been playing since the 2018 season, and moved to Jeju. It was his first transfer. “Challenge,” he exclaimed. His challenge is not over. In Jeju, he is challenging a new position. It’s just a wingback. Although he does not play as a built-in wingback, he often plays as wingback in evaluation matches.

Kim Seung-seop met reporters in Seogwipo, Jeju and said, “It is another challenge. He first told me during a one-on-one meeting with the director in Thailand. In fact, he was embarrassed, but he told the coach, ‘If he can play, he can play as a defender. However, the position I am most confident in is striker. He said, ‘Please tell me the토토사이트 defensive position or details.”

In Jeju, the side strikers mainly play from the inside, and the wingbacks are aggressive and progressive. The same goes for the main wingbacks Jung Woo-jae and Ahn Hyun-beom. Kim Seung-seop said, “I also like to play by using the side space and widening it. He’s still awkward, but he’s adjusting. It would be nice to learn the defensive position,” he added.

Kim Seung-seop has never played as a wingback, even in his school days. “You have to attack and you have to defend. He definitely has a lot of space. He has a lot of leeway to catch the ball or space to penetrate, but he’s twice as tough. He’s thinking of playing for two. It’s up to me to overcome. He is also taking private lessons. After the team training, he does the rest of the training as well. Coach Choi Hyo-jin tells me the meticulous parts of the defense position, posture, and steps,” he said. Then I think I can become a sure starter,” he emphasized.

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