Kim Chun Sangmu unveils new 2023 uniforms with the will to promote

The Kim Cheon Sangmu Professional Football Team unveiled its 2023 season uniform on the 10th.

The new uniform was produced using the club’s official colors of red and navy in the ‘Camouflage’ pattern representing the Armed Forces. The camouflage pattern was used in the 2021 season when Sangmu Kim won the K-League 2 championship, and it contained the will to bring the glory of winning once again.

On the side 안전놀이터of the uniform, the ‘Samsan’ pattern, one of Kim Cheon’s representative identities, is engraved. Samsan has a one-dimensional meaning symbolizing Mt. Geumo, Mt. Daedeok, and Mt. Hwangak, as well as the meaning of climbing higher toward promotion to K-League 1. In addition, the Sangmu emblem was engraved on the center of both sleeves to signify the spirit of ‘unbeatable investigation’ and to do one’s best in every game.

Meanwhile, the uniform sales schedule will be released through the official website and social media of Cheon Kim.

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