KIA 29-year-old Venezuelan express leaves shocking KKKKKKKKKKKKKK on debut and says ‘goodbye for a while’

Mario Sanchez (29, KIA), who made his KBO debut against Suwon KT on the 9th, has been dropped from the first team.

On the 10th, a day without a KBO game, KIA notified the KBO of Sanchez’s removal from the first team. Sanchez pitched 6⅓ innings in his debut on 9 September, giving up five hits (one home run) and striking out 10. His slider, cutter, and sweeper, which he threw with a slight tread on the first base side of the plate, was a feast for right-handed hitters. He ran away with pitches that looked fairly unhittable.

온라인바카라In addition, he showed off spectacular techniques such as double-kicking and fake blocking. While he was no longer able to double-kick at the urging of KT manager Lee Kang-cheol and the KBO’s umpires, his runner-stopping and changeup skills stood out.

The day after his debut, Sanchez was dropped from the first team. He was left out because he was unavailable for the final home game of the first half against Samsung from 11-13 November. Kia called up Sanchez’s replacement to the first team on the 11th against Gwangju Samsung.There are quite a few starters who missed out like Sanchez. The starters who pitched on the 9th won’t be available for the final three games of the first half, so they don’t need to take up a roster spot. Samsung’s Albert Suarez, Lotte’s Dan Streeley, Doosan’s Choi Won-jun, Hanwha’s Felix Peña, SSG’s Oh Won-seok, Kiwoom’s Chung Chan-heon, and NC’s Song Myung-ki.

SSG is on high alert. Guillermo Heredia, their number one batsman, will miss the last three games of the first half as he has to travel to the US to become a US citizen. Choi Jung is also missing. Choi suffered a pubic muscle injury while fielding against KIA on the 5th, and missed the next two games against KIA on the 6th and Hanwha in Daejeon on the 8th and 9th. It is believed that he was also unable to play against Doosan in Incheon on the 11th and 13th.

In addition, Kiwoom outfielder Park Joo-hong and pitcher Lee Jong-min, NC outfielder Park Min-woo and pitcher Lee Yong-joon, and Hanwha infielder Lee Min-joon are missing. In the case of Lee Yong-joon, he started against Samsung in Changwon on the 8th and was subtracted after calculating that he would not be used on the 13th.

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