“Kane, it’s more a statue than a trophy! Tottenham stay!”… ‘Tottenham born’ English legend FW also urges to stay

Peter Crouch, a 2m tall player from Tottenham Hotspur and former England national team striker, asked Harry Kane, who was likely to break up after this season, to remain with the team.

Having played for Tottenham since his youth days, Kane has spent most of his professional career with Tottenham. When he was a promising player, he went on loan to Leicester City and Norwich City, but the period of playing in the first team at Tottenham has already been close to 10 years.

He scored 278 goals in Tottenham alone, becoming the club’s all-time top scorer, and also ranked second in the Premier League’s all-time scoring list with 211 goals. It can be said that Tottenham, a living legend of the Premier League.안전놀이터

It wasn’t that Kane didn’t have a transfer opportunity. He showed interest from overseas clubs such as Real Madrid and Bayern Munich, as well as Premier League clubs such as Manchester City.

Two years ago in the summer, Kane also wanted to move to Man City, but in the end he chose to stay at Tottenham, showing unwavering loyalty.

But this season is different. Even in the midst of changing the scoring record, there is no championship trophy. As the team suffered the worst slump, the unrelated was confirmed. There is even a possibility that he will not be able to play in the club competition organized by UEFA (European Football Federation).

Locals believe that it is likely that Kane will leave this summer in search of a new team. His likely destination is Manchester United.

In this situation, Tottenham striker Peter Crouch asked Kane to stay with the team.

According to British Football London on the 21st (Korean time), Crouch said, “Kane can’t go to Chelsea or Arsenal. Newcastle still has potential, but I don’t think it’s an upgrade.” I think it’s best to stay at Tottenham.”

“There’s something very special about being a one-club man,” he said. “Sure, Kane may be craving trophies, but Tottenham is a team that can stand a statue of him.”

“Kane can bring his grandchildren and say, ‘I’m the top scorer here,'” Crouch said. He added that we should also think about a future that is more distant than winning.

On the 21st, right after the last home game of the season against Brentford, Kane took his children around Tottenham’s home stadium to say hello, and the British media sees it as saying goodbye before moving.

Regarding this, acting coach Ryan Mason is dismissing it, saying, “I made a similar greeting two years ago, but I did not go to Man City. It is just an annual greeting.”

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