‘Join Celtic’ Oh Hyeon-kyu “My dream has come true”

Oh Hyun-gyu, a reserve member for the Qatar World Cup, will wear a Celtic uniform to tour the European stage.
Oh Hyun-gyu, who joined Scotland’s most prestigious club, said, “It was a dream come true.”
This is reporter Jeon Gwang-yeol.

Celtic announced that they had signed striker Oh Hyun-kyu from Suwon Samsung in the K-League for a 5-year contract period.

The transfer fee is 3 million euros, about 4 billion in our money.

Oh Hyun-gyu, who scored 13 goals and 3 assists in 36 games last season, led Suwon to remain in the K-League 1 with the winning goal in the second leg of the PO match against Anyang.

He has completed his military service in Sangmu and has experienced the World Cup in Qatar as a reserve member, so Celtic has been working hard to recruit him. 토토사이트

Currently in Glasgow, home of Celtic, Oh Hyun-kyu expressed his aspirations to succeed on the European stage.

▶ Interview: Oh Hyun-kyu / Celtic FC Striker
– “I’m really happy that my dream moment has come true. I want to score a lot here, win the trophy together, go to the Champions League and go high.”

Celtic is a prestigious club that has won 52 titles in the Scottish Premier League in the last 10 years, including 9 top finishes.

It is a team where Cha Doo-ri and Ki Sung-yueng played, but currently there are six Japanese players, including Furuhashi Kyogo and Maeda Daizen.

Oh Hyun-kyu is expected to compete fiercely with the team’s leading striker, Furuhashi, under Celtic coach Postecoglu, who was a leader in the Japanese professional football J-League.

Coach Postecoglu showed anticipation, saying, “Oh Hyun-kyu is the striker I wanted and he is the perfect fit for our team.”

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