“I’ve only been thinking about it for 3 years…” First release of a new weapon for the 157km express sidearm. 6.5 billion free agent catcher

 I haven’t thrown the ball that everyone throws. When the partner to breathe together changed, I carefully took it out.

LG Twins Jung Woo-young throws a fastball. Jung Woo-young will be reborn as a three-pitch pitcher by adding a fastball to his two-seam and slider, his main weapons, at the Arizona spring camp.

Jung Woo-young온라인바카라, who started throwing a fastball in bullpen pitching, said, “It’s something I’ve been thinking about for three years.” It means that he was thinking of a fastball as a pitch to throw in addition to the two-seam and slider from the 2020 season after receiving the Rookie of the Year award in 2019. But during that time, he rarely threw a fastball.

Catcher Yoo Kang-nam, who has been working together, wanted to actively utilize the best two-seam in the KBO League. Jung Woo-young said, “When I talked to Kangnam-hyung, Gangnam-hyung has a good fighting spirit, but he asked if he needed to throw a fastball. So I didn’t throw it.” After Yoo Kang-nam left for the Lotte Giants and Park Dong-won came, he made a new attempt. Jung Woo-young said, “Dong-won told his brother, and if a pitcher wants to throw, it’s right to throw. Let’s try it, throw it.”

The straight ball had changed. In the past, even fastballs felt like two-seam falling. Jung Woo-young said, “Until then, when I threw, the feeling of the fastball also fell. I was used to throwing two-seams so I grabbed the grip of the fastball and threw it like a two-seam.” I think I can make a good effect because I move with it.”

In particular, I think it is a pitch that can attract the opponent’s bat to the high side. Jung Woo-young said, “When I threw the two-seam high, the ball floated from the beginning, so the batters didn’t react.”

Battery coach Park Gyeong-wan also strongly recommended Jung Woo-young’s addition of fastball. If Jung Woo-young, who is more than 80% two-seam, is shown a fastball, he will focus on two-seam and hit with the slider in mind, but will focus on the two-seam but have to think about the slider and the fastball, so hitters can get confused.

Jung Woo-young recorded 35 holds last year with two-seam and slider alone, and became the hold king. Trying something new can be an adventure. Still, it is Jung Woo-young who wants to go one step further.

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