“It’s not money, it’s PSG players”… Mallorca again, Kang-in Lee makes it too hard → “There is no other way than waiting” (Spanish media)

Claims have emerged that negotiations have reached a stalemate as Mallorca asked Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) to sign a player in exchange for Lee Kang-in’s transfer.

Lee Kang-in, who predicted hot interest in the summer transfer market due to his tremendous performance in Mallorca, has recently been reported in Spain and France that he is close to signing PSG, and is close to going to France.메이저놀이터

PSG suggested a transfer fee of over 20 million euros (approximately 27.8 billion won) in order to beat Atletico Madrid, which was initially at the forefront of Lee Kang-in’s recruitment, and expressed its willingness to recruit Lee Kang-in.

However, despite PSG’s strong will to recruit, Mallorca even asked for a player in exchange for Lee Kang-in, and claims from Spain that the deal had stalled like the previous negotiations with Atletico made fans nervous.

Spanish media ‘Okay Diario’ reported on the 16th (Korean time), “Mallorca and PSG have not yet reached an agreement on Lee Kang-in’s transfer.”

“There is no agreement between the two teams, and it is unlikely that there will be smoke for the time being. It is a complex task involving several commissions, and the circumstances are not clear,” said OK Diario. It is also an important part of the deal,” he said, adding that Mallorca and PSG are also negotiating, including the player.

“Mallorca asked for Hugo Equitique, but PSG turned him down as they saw him as an immediate starter for the team. It is impossible to bring in first-team players, but young players or loans are being considered. One of them is Julian Draxler. He explained that the negotiations are having difficulty moving forward because they are working on a deal that includes players.

Mallorca made it difficult to negotiate not only with PSG this time, but also with Atletico last time, demanding a player in exchange for Kang-in Lee’s recruitment.

The media said, “The reason why Mallorca was attracted to Atletico’s proposal was because they were confident that they could replace Lee Kang-in with Requelmer. If someone from PSG came, they would be very young players. There is no other way,” he said, predicting that it would take a lot of time to proceed with the player-included transaction.

The media also emphasized that the current negotiations are not at a stage where the transfer can be assured. OK Diario commented, “Everything points to Lee Kang-in going to PSG, but we can’t guarantee it. The possibility of Premier League and Serie A teams entering the league cannot be ruled out.”

With Lee Kang-in’s move to PSG stagnant along with Mallorca’s demand for players, Mallorca’s continued stubbornness seems to continue to shake Lee’s move in the summer transfer market.

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