“It shouldn’t rain…” 9 consecutive wins → Children’s Day sold out confirmed. Fast-burning Lotte 

All preparations are over.메이저사이트 However, it is highly likely that the match will be canceled. The home team is upset.

‘Dreams and hopes for children’ is the motto that the KBO League has emphasized since its inception in 1982. Therefore, Children’s Day on May 5 every year is a festival-like day for professional baseball.

Ten clubs prepare a lot for Children’s Day every year. Most of all, the match time is pushed back to 2:00 p.m. for the fans. A variety of events, including various goods for children’s fans, will also be prepared. There are many stadiums that are sold out, and there are many family members, so profits other than tickets are not easy.

Among them, the position of the Lotte Giants is more desperate. Along with KIA Tigers and LG Twins, it is the most popular team recognized by others.

This year is off to a good start. It took 1st place in the regular season after 11 years, and although it was cut off, it also recorded 9 consecutive wins in 13 years. In the Lotte team’s 41-year history, there are only two coaches, Kang Byeong-cheol and Jerry Royster, who have won 9 consecutive victories. They are still considered one of the top 2 managers of all time. This is the third opportunity for director Larry Sutton to raise his name.

For a while, it was a series of games with no or limited spectators due to the corona pandemic. The era of limited spectators ended, but last year’s Children’s Day Lotte match was against Suwon KT Wiz. And the game that day, riding on the wind of second place in the regular season in April, was a mess from the start due to the so-called ‘zero-quick (replacement without getting an out count)’ by a foreign pitcher, leading to a sluggish defeat.. This year is different

. . The atmosphere in Busan heated up enough that as many as 1,500 fans joined the cheering match on the electronic display board at Sajik Stadium, which was free of charge. According to Lotte club officials, there were no empty seats at the tables. This was the level of enthusiasm wishing Lotte for 10 consecutive victories, not even the World Cup national soccer team.

This year, the Children’s Day game was set as a home game. The team atmosphere is also great. Starting pitcher Charlie Barnes has repeatedly stressed that Sutton is “getting better.”

Just in time, the 4th was canceled due to rain in Gyeonggi-do. The team had enough rest and had time to play in the daytime games.

However, the rain forecast is in danger of ruining everything. An official from the Lotte club said, “Before I go to bed tonight, I hope it doesn’t rain. Fans will feel the same way.”

The probability of precipitation in Busan on May 5 is 80%. The Korea Meteorological Administration predicted that it would rain 24 hours a day. Can the hearts of Lotte fans reach the sky?

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