Is Tottenham insane…’Automated defense’ Dier, likely to renew the contract for 3 years

Tottenham are set to re-sign Eric Dier.

The UK’s ‘Evening Standard’ reported on the 16th (Korean time), “As Dyer enters the final season of his contract, he is discussing a new three-year contract extension.”

Dier is an English defender,메이저놀이터 but interestingly, he started his playing career at Sporting Lisbon. After showing good potential at Sporting, Dier made a new home at Tottenham in 2014.

After moving to Tottenham, Dier quickly established his position as a starter. He became a key player in the team, showing steady performance in various positions such as center back, right full back, and defensive midfielder. He continued to perform so well that there were rumors of a transfer to Manchester United.

However, Dyer never regained his full potential after suffering a hernia injury. Dier, who started to be used as a centre-back again, lost his position under manager Jose Mourinho, but after Antonio Conte took over, he reestablished himself as a starter.

Despite Conte’s beliefs, Dier’s performance has declined over time. This is evidenced by the team’s defensive record. Last season alone, the solid defense behind Manchester City, Liverpool and Chelsea is at the same level as the teams staying in the relegation zone this season. He conceded a whopping 59 runs in 36 games. He gives up over 1.6 runs per game.

The overall balance of the team will also be problematic because the defense prioritizes organizational power rather than individual ability, but Tottenham is being evaluated as having too little capacity for center backs. It is true that, with the exception of Christian Romero, there seems to be no competitive player in the top teams of the Premier League (EPL).

In particular, whenever a defensive problem is pointed out, the player who is mentioned is Dyer. Dyer showed decent defensive power last season, but this season, there are many times when his concentration on defense is weak. Due to the lack of active defense, there were several scenes where the defender could be misunderstood as if he was watching the opponent striker break through. The ability to scatter passes from the back is not bad, but the defender is basically not defending, which exposes the problem.

Many point out that Tottenham needs to change its defense in order to gain an edge in competition with other EPL big clubs and win the championship. Son Heung-min and Harry Kane are players who can compete with any European club. In contrast, there are no world-class players on defense. After the departures of Toby Alderweireld and Jan Vertonghen, the reality that proper defensive reinforcement is not being done is being revealed.

Gabriel Agbonlaher, who had a lot of Premier League (EPL) experience while playing for Aston Villa in the past, also said, “I like Dyer. But if Tottenham wants to win the Premier League (EPL) and play in the European Champions League (UCL) every year, Dyer is He is not the defender Tottenham needs.”

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