Indonesia U-20 World Cup group draw canceled… Probably because of Israel

Ahead of the 2023 FIFA U-20 World Cup scheduled to be held in Indonesia in May, FIFA canceled the draw with only 5 days left as the host country is intensifying to block Israel from participating. It was reported that the matter was not serious.

The Indonesian Football Association (PSSI) announced on its website on the 26th that FIFA had canceled the FIFA U-20 World Cup group draw, which was scheduled to be held in Bali on the 31st. 

PSSI said, “We have not received any reason for the cancellation of the group draw from FIFA.”

FIFA has yet to make a statement.메이저사이트

However, along with the Israel rejection campaign spreading in Indonesia, the governor of Bali, the site of the group draw, is protesting the stay of Israeli national team personnel, and Israel also seems to be reluctant to participate in the group draw due to safety issues.

Israel participated in the U-20 World Cup for the first time after finishing runner-up after England at the U-19 European Football Championship held in Slovakia in June last year. faced with

According to PSSI, the Bali state government is refusing to allow the Israeli national team to stay.

In addition, Bali is designated as one of the six host cities for the U-20 World Cup finals, so depending on the results of the group draw, the Israeli national team may stay and play.

A PSSI official said, “PSSI chairman Eric Tohir will deliver his opinion to the relevant ministers to find a solution, including diplomatic and foreign policy, on how to revive Indonesian football.”

Indonesia hosted this competition in 2021, but it was canceled due to Koroa 19, and it received the right to host this year’s competition to be held two years later. Since the U-20 World Cup, like the Adult World Cup or other age-specific World Cups, is organized by FIFA, the host country or the host country’s football federation does not have the right to deny participation to any country.

This year’s U-20 World Cup will be held in six cities in Indonesia from May 20 to June 11, with Korea participating. In the case of Indonesia, the host country, Shin Tae-yong, who led the Korean national team at the 2018 World Cup in Russia, was recruited in 2019 to prepare for this tournament by appointing the national team and the U-23 and U-20 teams concurrently.

However, due to opposition in Indonesia over the issue of Israel’s participation, a scenario in which the event must be held elsewhere cannot be ruled out. 

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