“In the ninth inning, with the bases loaded and one out, do you substitute a fast runner, a catcher?” Sutton asked.

Rave reviews continue to pour in for the Lotte Giants’ third-year catcher, Son Sung-bin (21). He is unrivalled when it comes to stealing bases. He currently has a stolen base rate of 100 per cent (4 attempts, 4 thwarted).카지노

His resignation LG Electronics on the 9th was a highlight. With runners on first and second base in the fifth inning of a close game, Son threw out second baseman Oh Ji-hwan at the plate to neutralise the opposition’s game plan. It completely changed the course of the game. In the seventh inning, he continued his 100 per cent stolen base rate by preventing Moon Bo-kyung from stealing second base.

When he threw out Oh in the fifth inning, he had an exchange time of 0.70 seconds, a pop time of 1.87 seconds and a fastball velocity of 135.4 kilometres per second. In the seventh inning, when Moon was caught stealing, he had an exchange rate of 0.67 seconds and a pop time of 1.86 seconds. His fastball was 133.1 kilometres per hour. J.T. Realmuto (Philadelphia Phillies), considered one of the best dogs in baseball, has a pop time of 1.82 seconds and an exchange rate of 0.61 seconds at second base this year. Son’s delivery is one of the best in the major leagues.

LG is the biggest victim(?) of Son Sung-bin. LG coach Yeom Kyung-yeop, who plays baseball, acknowledged his ability to prevent stolen bases despite being an opposing catcher. He said, “With Son Sung-bin as my catcher, I can’t sign for stolen bases from the bench even when I have a chance to play. (“His advantage is that he makes it difficult for the opposing bench, the opposing players, to get a start. When he sits as a catcher, the pitcher has to think a lot about the timing of throwing the one-bound ball and make him run,” he said.

Manager Larry Sutton was asked by a reporter before the game against the NC Dinos at NC Park in Changwon on Wednesday, “If you had a runner on first base with one out in the ninth inning, would you change your catcher from Yoo Kang-nam to Son Sung-bin?” Sutton avoided answering immediately. “If that situation came up, I think it would depend on a lot of things. Right now, our pitchers are throwing well and fast with a quick slide step to keep runners off base. They are creating the conditions for Yoo Kang-nam to get the runners out quickly,” said Choi, “so I think it depends on a lot of factors.”

I also asked battery coach Choi Kyung-chul the same question. As a leader who directly oversees the catching staff, he said that Yoo Kang-nam’s presence is still greater. “Not yet, (Yoo) Kang-nam is capable enough, he’s a good catcher, he’s the main catcher, and you can’t ignore the ball mix in that situation,” Choi said.

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