“I’m being briefed”…When will Kang Myung-ho open up about his heart for 100 billion prodigal children [Oh!Sen Changwon].

“We’re getting reports.”카지노사이트

The NC Dinos had a measles epidemic last week. At the end of their away game against KT Wiz on the 2nd, key player Park Gun-woo informed the coaching staff that he wanted to withdraw from the game. It was no secret that Park Gun-woo had been playing through injuries, both major and minor. However, the team was on a losing streak and was down by one run. In the ninth inning, Park could have played one more at-bat, but the coaching staff wanted to make a substitution and put Choi Jung-won in his place.

Park was immediately sent to the second team. Shortly after taking over as head coach, Kang emphasised the ‘one-team’ mentality. He insisted that he would not leave any player, even a veteran, who went against the direction of the ‘one team’, and Park Gun-woo was targeted. Kang hopes that Park will refine his mindset and behaviour by playing in second team matches.

Currently, Park has played in three games for the second team, recording eight hits, two doubles, one run, and two RBIs. “I’m getting reports from the second team coaches. “I don’t want to put any meaning on words like reflection or forgiveness. I feel that it is important to play with a certain mindset and practice faithfully, so I will only check that part.”

Everyone knows about Park’s skills and class. However, Kang hopes that Park will return with a more mature mindset and attitude to the game. It’s not as if there weren’t problems with Park since his time at Doosan. NC was fully aware of this.

However, when it actually comes to the surface, both the coach and the player are in trouble. The obvious solution is for Park to come back to the first team with a different look. Can Park Gun-woo show the kind of behaviour and attitude that will win Kang Myung-hwa’s heart back?

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