“I’ll stop Curry once” Vanderbilt’s dedication changes the flow of the game in Game 1!

On the 3rd (Korean time), in the 2022-2023 season playoff round 1 game 1, the LA Lakers won a valuable victory in enemy territory against the Golden State Warriors. On this day, the Lakers won 117-112, thanks to Anthony Davis (30, 208cm), who showed off his strength under the goal by recording 30 points, 23 rebounds and 4 blocked shots. Stephen Curry (35, 188cm) and Klay Thompson (33, 198cm) fought hard for Golden State, but they were unable to break through the Lakers’ solid defense and took a first loss at home.

However, 크크크벳 Jared Vanderbilt (24, 206cm)’s dedicated defense also played a decisive role in the Lakers’ victory that day. It is not easy to strip the defense of the greatest shooter in NBA history, Curry. Curry, who undoubtedly throws a 3-point shot when given a little gap from the perimeter and destroys the opponent’s defense with various 2-on-2 attacks such as give-and-go because of his good movement without the ball, is one of the most difficult players to block in the NBA. So, defending Curry was very important for the Lakers.

Coach Davin Hamm also had a lot of worries about Curry’s defensive matchup ahead of the first game, but at this time, Vanderbilt took on the role of Curry’s defender. Vanderbilt’s strengths are his 203cm height and vigorous activity that diligently goes back and forth between inside and outside. It is evaluated that his movement after rebounding, switching offense and defense, and providing a screen is also light. Having been active as a full-time defender for opposing guards since Minnesota, he exclusively defended opposing ace Ja Morant in the PO 1 round against the Memphis Grizzlies.

It was the same with today’s game. Vanderbilt, who was put into the game as a starter, defended the Lakers’ goal with dedicated defense and defensive rebound shooter, not refusing to engage in fierce hand-to-hand combat with Curry. Vanderbilt, who blocked Curry by committing only one foul in the first half, became more persistent with Curry in the second half. Based on his vigorous activity, he roamed all over the court without rest and played leech defense against Curry, similar to the scene where Park Ji-sung tied Pirlo tightly 1-1.

In fact, according to NBA.com, when Curry matched up with Vanderbilt that day, Curry threw 10 field shots and only made 2, and he also tried 5 long-term 3-pointers and only succeeded in 1. Moreover, 92% of 10 field goals were shots that became defensive contests. On this day, Curry made a big success by posting 27 points in the final, but when matched up with Vanderbilt, it can be said that he did not show his presence in the attack.

By bullying Curry in the front line, Vanderbilt also had a positive effect of easing the defensive burden of Davis in the back line. While Vanderbilt demonstrated his presence in the horizontal defense with his vigorous activity, Davis showed off his strong vertical defense. Davis recorded 4 blocked shots on the day. Vanderbilt in the front line, Davis in the back line, and Golden State were literally beaten by the Lakers’ ‘defensive hell’ centered on Vanderbilt and Davis.

In addition, Vanderbilt led the team to victory by playing an active role not only in defense but also in offense. With his solid screen, Vanderbilt has helped Lakers guards like D’Angelo Russell (27, 193cm) and Dennis Schroeder (29, 190cm) break inside easily. In addition, Vanderbilt scored 100 points out of 100 in both offense and defense, leading the team to victory. As a result, Vanderbilt recorded 8 points (FG 28.5%), 6 rebounds, 2 assists and 2 steals while roaming the court for 26 minutes that day. 

After the game, Vanderbilt said in an interview with ‘Silver Screen and Roll’, “Since I came to the Lakers as a trade the other day, I have said that I want to play the role of defending the opposing guards and aces.” I thought I could help and I enjoy those matchups and challenges, and that’s what I have to do here.”

Then, when asked to compare the Curry and Morant defenses, he said, “There is a big difference.” I tend to do other defenders’ help defense moves), but Curry is different. Because he is the most threatening person on the court and his movement without the ball is so good, I had to focus entirely on Curry’s defense without going to the other side for help defense. Curry’s attack Blocking and controlling was the biggest thing for me.”

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