‘I’ll miss you,’ Yokishi hugs Lee Jung-hoo after five years together

Kiwoom Heroes’ longtime foreign pitcher Yokishi has said goodbye to the organization due to injury.바카라

Yokishi, who served as Kiwoom’s ace for five years from the 2019 to 2023 seasons, suffered a thigh muscle injury in a game against LG on June 6.

As he was expected to be out for six weeks before returning to the mound, Kiwoom, which is in the midst of a standings battle, chose to part ways with Yokishi and paid him a final tribute at a home game on the 24th.

Yokishi signed autographs for 100 Kiwoom fans in a hallway inside the Gocheok Sky Dome that day. He sincerely signed autographs for each one and thanked the fans for remembering him.

A plaque of appreciation and a bouquet of flowers were presented on the field before the game.

The club broadcast a video of Yokishi’s performance on the big screen. Yokishi’s wife, Kayla, broke down in tears during the video with the words “Our Family” written on it.

Afterward, Kiwoom Heroes President Ko Hyung-wook presented Yokishi with a plaque of appreciation, head coach Hong Won-ki presented him with a jersey signed by the players, and Lee Jung-hoo presented him with a bouquet of flowers.

Yokishi’s first son, Worth, high-fived his favorite uncle and took a commemorative photo with him.

After the event, Yokishi watched the game from the stands and cheered for Kiwoom. He even stood up and applauded when Furado pitched a complete game.

It was especially special for Lee, who has been with the team for five years. After the game, Lee waited on the first base dugout for Yokishi, who was spending time with fans.

Lee and Yokishi embraced once again. After an affectionate goodbye, they took a personal photo together to capture the moment.

“I didn’t want this ending, but I’m not as sad as I thought I would be,” Yokishi said in an interview, adding, “I’ve had a fantastic five years in Korea, and I’m glad I was able to end it on a beautiful note.”

Yokishi, who leaves for the U.S. on the 26th, will focus on her treatment for the time being.’I’ll miss you,’ Yokishi and Jung-Hoo Lee share an affectionate farewell hug

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