If you let go, ‘Hanwha Kim Seo-hyun incident will recur’

Hanwha rookie Kim Seo-hyeon (19), who caused a stir by writing an article on social media badmouthing coaches and fans, bowed her head and apologized. He also joined the team training after 3 days of self-restraint. It’s such a concluding mood. The problem is the possibility of recurrence. This may be Kim Seo-hyun’s immature behavior, but it is because the current baseball system also has problems.

Manager Park Yong-jin, a baseball player who served as the commander of the 2nd division of Hanwha, LG, and Samsung, said, “There were many controversy over the personality of players in the past and there are still many. Education can’t do it all, but we need to create a continuous program. The best way is education. Only 10% can change. If you don’t mind, it’s just ‘zero’. Right now, the association is not struggling. letting온라인바카라 go of hands Both associations and professional clubs need to establish manuals and make steady efforts rather than one-time efforts.” This is the bitter voice of an elder toward the Korea Baseball Softball Association and the KBO.

He continued to talk about spring camp and school education. Director Park said, “I hope that the camp will not only swing, but also character education and manners education. I can’t do it in the season. You should do it during camp,” he advised.

He continued, “School education during the Amama days is also formal. The basic education is lacking, but the teachers do not nag and let the trouble not go. In addition to mathematics and English, education to become a member of the community is also important.”

Coach Park also took the cane to the baseball leaders. “People don’t grow up alone. I have to help him grow up right by his side, but even the coaches are desperate for an ace player. In addition, there are a lot of people who have no character, including baseball managers and coaches,” he raised his voice.

Coach Park is still donating his talents for little baseball to middle and high school baseball. The level of criticism of the baseball leaders reflected in his eyes guarding the field was high.The last arrow went to the association that oversees amateur baseball. Coach Park said, “(Korea Baseball Softball) Association has to wake up first. This time (Kim Seo-hyun controversy), the association has nothing to say. The association should discuss and discuss in depth why the personality controversy of baseball players is repeated. Lectures on the humanities should be held regularly and seminars should also be held. We have to put our heads together for improvement measures,” he said.

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