I was noticed by my feet… Catch your feet

Kyunghyang Shinmun
I was noticed by my feet… Catch your feet
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MLB.com’s ‘Bae Ji-hwan Jurusa’ lighting 토토사이트
“I know that quick feet are a weapon, but
you also need to know how to use speed.”
Director Shelton “If you use it carelessly, you will be out”

Pittsburgh Bae Ji-hwan (left) is being checked at first base in the bottom of the 3rd inning against Texas at PNC Park on the 24th. Pittsburgh | USA Today Yonhap News

MLB.com, the official homepage of the Major League Baseball (MLB) of the American professional baseball league, focused on the Jurusa of Bae Ji-hwan (Pittsburgh).

MLB.com said on the 25th, “Bae Ji-hwan knows that he has a weapon called quick feet, but he is learning that it is not enough. He also needs to know how to use speed.”

Bae Ji-hwan showed good batting sense with 2 hits in 3 at-bats against Texas held at home the previous day, but poured cold water on the team with two runners. He was checked out on first base once, and the other time he was a runner on first base, and then was out on an overrun on second base when a follow-up hitter hit. Pittsburgh coach Derek Shelton advised, “It’s going to sting a lot now, but it’s time to learn so it doesn’t happen again.” He continued, “Once he starts running toward third base, he shouldn’t slow down. He should have kept running all the way to third base,” he added.

After the game, Bae Ji-hwan looked back on the overrun, saying, “I thought I had to go to third base because it was two outs, but he was out because he couldn’t read the situation properly.”

His skill, stolen base, is also declining in success rate. Bae Ji-hwan succeeded in stealing bases 14 times this season, but failed five times. He’s been unable to steal a base since his last game against Toronto in the 6th. His five stolen bases are the most in MLB.

“You have to slow him down a little bit,” said Shelton. Bae Ji-hwan is just trying to go too fast. Young players with quick feet try to create it themselves rather than wait for an opportunity,” he said.

Bae Ji-hwan reflected, “I think I went a little too far in wanting to help the team when we were losing the game.”

Bae Ji-hwan was excluded from the starting lineup for the game against Texas that day, but stepped on the ground as a runner in the 8th inning and played defense as a center fielder in the 9th inning. The team lost 2-3.

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