‘I got the winning spirit!’ Women’s national team, training in the rain at Deoksu High School

 “I will do well in the Asian Cup with the winning spirit of Deoksu High School!”

Children’s Day on the 5th.메이저사이트 The training location of the women’s baseball team led by head coach Yang Sang-moon hastily changed due to news of rain. Deoksu High School in Seoul, a prestigious high school baseball team, reached out to the national team in a hurry to find a place.

Deoksu High School, located in Wangsimni-ro, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, is a famous baseball school that has won a total of 25 championships since its foundation in 1980. He became the champion at the ‘2nd Shinsegae E-Mart Cup’ held in April and achieved his 25th victory.

The reason why the national team was able to rent the Deoksu High School field and training facilities is because of the relationship between Big Line Sports representative Yu Bu-geun, who is an advisory member of the Korea Women’s Baseball Federation (WBAK), who runs the national team, Hwang Jeong-hee, president of WBAK, and Jeong Yun-jin, coach of the Deoksu High School baseball team.

Chairman Hwang said, “I’ve known Coach Jeong for five years since Mr. Yoo introduced him, and I recently visited Deoksu High School to congratulate him on winning the E-Mart Cup. At that time, he said, “The coach knew that the national team had no place to train on a rainy day, so he readily lent the Deoksu High School training ground.”

At Coach Chung’s request, Deoksu High School rented out the entire training facility for administrative procedures from the Federation for only a nominal rental fee. In this way, the women’s baseball team was able to conduct training without a hitch even on rainy days.

On the 5th, the national team repeated training several times assuming a ‘rundown’ situation in the intermittent rain. “Situations like this come out really well in real competitions. You have to practice a lot!” Catcher Lee Bit-na, who has been with the national team for 8 years and has a lot of experience in international competitions, asked her players.

After hearing that, the players put on their best with serious expressions. It is said that thanks to the ‘rundown’ play that day at Deoksu High School grounds, the national team was able to play this play in a practice game against Daechi Middle School the next day.

As the rain intensified, the national team entered Deoksu High School’s indoor training ground, Deokseunggwan, and continued training.

Manager Yang Sang-moon personally threw betting balls and corrected the batting posture of the players. Battery coach Heo Il-sang also gathered the players together and reminded them of the precautions to be taken in a rundown situation.

A welcome guest came to the national team. Deoksoo High School head coach Jeong Yoon-jin and Konkuk University baseball team head coach Jang Joo-seong visited the national team. Coach Jeong, who exchanged greetings with manager Yang Sang-moon, expressed his full support for the women’s baseball team.

He said, “If there is no place for female national team players to train, please visit Deoksu High School anytime. I will train with the Deoksu High School players.” After hearing about the circumstances of the female athletes who do not have suitable training grounds during the week, coach Jeong said with concern.

“Deoksoo 86th Graduate Heo Il-sang!” There was someone in the national team who had a relationship with Deoksu High School. This is Coach Heo Il-sang. Coach Huh entered Deoksu High School in 1995 and joined the Lotte Giants after attending Dankook University.

He unexpectedly revealed his relationship with women’s baseball. When Coach Huh was a senior at Deoksu High School, Ahn Hyang-mi, the first female player to join the high school baseball team, entered Deoksu High School. Coach Heo smiled, saying, “Hyang-mi Ahn and I didn’t have many opportunities to meet because of the difference in grade, but she was always a strong player and a very good baseball player.”

There is a phrase that immediately captivated the hearts of the national team players in the bullpen pitching field of Deoksu High School. It reads, “I grow day by day by competing with yesterday’s me and winning.” Jang Yoon-seo, infielder of the national team, took out his cell phone and took a picture of his cellphone as if he liked the writing. Jang Yoon-seo laughed, saying, “I want to fix my heart after reading this phrase whenever I am having a hard time.”

The women’s baseball team is growing day by day, competing with yesterday’s self. The women’s baseball team’s dream of winning a medal at the Asian Cup (BFA) held in Hong Kong on the 26th on the green campus of Deoksu High School, which they visited specially on a rainy day, also grew. 

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