“I fell in love with Kim Min-jae, as if looking at me”… Confessions of the Naples Aid ‘Iron Pillar’

Giuseppe Bruce Colotti, the ‘iron pillar’ who aided SSC Naples, showed off his unsparing affection for his junior Kim Min-jae.

On the 25th (Korean time), Bruce Colotti appeared on the Italian media ‘TMW Radio’ and mentioned Napoli’s performance this season and Kim Min-jae.

Bruce Colotti is a self-recognized legend who played 502 matches in Napoli alone, and has played the second most matches in Napoli history먹튀검증. The club’s all-time number of appearances is Napoli’s “eternal captain” Marek Hamsik, who played 520 games.

During his active career, Bruce Colotti showed off his excellent defensive skills and led Napoli to their first Serie A title in 1987. At that time, Bruce Collotti earned the nickname ‘PAL E FIERR’ as he showed impeccable defense in every game.

As time passed, a player inheriting Bruce Collotti’s nickname appeared, and that player was none other than South Korean defender Kim Min-jae.

As Kim Min-jae led the team’s uptrend by playing as the core of Napoli’s defense this season, Bruce Colotti gave his junior and successor Kim Min-jae unsparing affection.

When asked which player surprised him the most this season, Bruce Colotti praised him, “I fell in love with Kim Min-jae. Looking at him reminds me of a defender who played in my era.”

He added, “Kim Min-jae knows how to attack in front of goal and score goals. He also knows how to play as a team and defend well.”

Bruce Colotti previously praised Kim Min-jae, saying, “It seems like you’re looking at me during my active career.” Local fans in Naples also call Kim Min-jae an ‘iron pillar’ and regard him as the successor to Bruce Colotti.

Amid Kim Min-jae’s performance, Napoli is getting closer to winning Serie A after 33 years, leading the league by a wide margin over rival teams.

Attention is focusing on whether Kim Min-jae can rise to the top of Serie A and follow in the footsteps of Naples senior and legend Bruce Colotti.

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