I also erased the bucket list of ‘matching high school seniors’… How was the visit to the hometown of a 1R prospect?

‘Defending champion’ SSG Landers rookie pitcher Roun Lee (19) gave his impressions of pitching in his hometown, Daegu.

On the 13th, in the match against the Samsung Lions held at Samsung Lions Park in Daegu, Lee Ro-Woon was put in as a relief pitch in the 4th inning and recorded 3 innings, 1 hit, 1 walk, 4 strikeouts and no runs. The total number of pitches was 43. The highest speed of the fastball was recorded at 148 km. On the last day of the three-game series in Daegu, Ro-Woon Lee took a bus bound for Incheon with precious memories. Roun Lee played well, but SSG lost 9-11 to Samsung.

Lee Rowun, a native of Daegu High School, wore the SSG uniform with the 5th overall pick in the 1st round in the 2023 draft. Lee Rowun, who was born and raised in Daegu, visited his hometown as a professional player. The whole family came to the stadium to watch Lee Roun’s game. And Lee Rowun repaid his family’s support with a good pitch.

After the game, Lee Rowun said, “It’s a hometown game, 메이저놀이터so my father, uncle, grandmother, and grandfather all came to the baseball field throughout the three games. It’s unfortunate that the team lost, but I’m glad I showed a good performance when my family came.”

Rowoon Lee erased one of his bucket lists that day. Lee Rowun had a head-to-head confrontation with Daegu High School senior Koo Ja-wook. Roun Lee, who expressed his aspirations by saying, “I want to face senior Ja-wook Koo,” met the moment he had been dreaming of in episode 5. With no runners on the second runner, Lee Ro-Woon threw a 146km fastball to Ja-wook Koo. The result is a double hit. However, he struck out Kim Ji-chan to prevent Koo Ja-wook from entering the home.

Lee Row-un said, “I wanted to play with Koo Ja-wook, but it was unfortunate that I was hit by a double today. It was close to our bullpen and right fielder, so I greeted him from the first game. After I got hit by a double today, he teased me playfully. I’ll make sure to make good results in the next match. “I was happy to deal with Ja-wook Koo.

Lee Ro-wun, who pitched at Samsung Lions Park in Daegu during the exhibition game. On March 13, against Samsung, he recorded 3 hits, 2 runs and 1 strikeout in 1 inning. He pitched with all his might, as much as he had a big regret. Roun Lee said, “During the demonstration game, his performance in his hometown of Daegu was not good, so he made sure to throw well today.”

Lastly, Roun Lee revealed his goal, saying, “Personally, I want to minimize walks by playing more than 30 innings. I will keep my ERA below 3 points.”

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