Hump Day Report

When trying to describe the weather patterns over the past few weeks, I’ll defer to my girl Katy Perry:

“You’re hot then you’re cold. You’re yes then you’re no. You’re in then you’re out. You’re up then you’re down.”

Okay, so maybe she wasn’t singing about weather cycles, but the lyric still applies. The weather has been all over the place for about a month now, and I’m starting to think Mother Nature is just teasing us.

We’re mired in this strange freeze/thaw안전놀이터 cycle where it’s frigid in the early days of the week, but then it’s 40 degrees and raining/mixing by Sunday. This week, Sunday was fantastic with sunny skies and mild temps, but it poured on Monday. Throw in a few days with 40 degree temperature swings, and it can get pretty frustrating up here. As soon as we get a little fresh pow and open up some more terrain, that stupid “R” word that I don’t like talking about comes in again and wipes out our natural snow base, forcing us to rope off more trails. We’ve been oh so close to that first really big storm of the season a few times, but at this point, we’re still waiting. Trust me, there’s nothing I hate more than getting all excited to report new terrain, only to let you all down and drop trails again a few days later. I’m really not trying to drive you batty. I promise.

After a few wild days of wind, frosty air and freezing rain, the good news is that we’re back up and running on the Vista Quad today, and night skiing is back as well. Temps should creep into the low teens by early afternoon, and we’re seeing a mixture of sun and light snow right now (see, it’s weird, right? I’m not making this stuff up). January is Learn to Ski & Snowboard Month, Corporate Race League starts tomorrow night and there’s a slew of other events to follow.

What can I do to change this weather? I might try to sneak a late edit into the Farmer’s Almanac this week in an effort to change our luck. If that doesn’t work, I’ll build the craziest shrine to the snow god Ullr that anyone’s ever seen, and, if all else fails, maybe I’ll get on the news and whip up a brand new Nor’ Easter.

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