Heavyweight fighters in Korea and Japan, a stand-up diss battle… We risk our pride and face each other at Road FC on the 25th

Korean and Japanese heavyweight fighters collide head-on with their pride.

Road FC will hold ‘Goobne Road FC 063’ at the Goyang Gymnasium on the 25th. In the second part of the day, fighter Bae Dong-hyeon (38, Team Finish), a former soccer player, and Sekino Taisei (23, FREE) of DEEP in Japan will메이저사이트 face each other.

Ahead of this head-to-head match, Road FC uploaded an interview video of the two players on its official YouTube channel.

In the video, Bae Dong-hyun showed the appearance of a family father by sending the children to school and dressing them himself. After spending time with his kids, he went to the gym and worked out with his students to prepare for the game. Bae Dong-hyeon said, “I try to make myself go to school if I don’t have a special schedule in the morning. When he runs the gym, he can’t get along with the kids much, so he tries to take them,” he said, revealing his affection for his children.

With the Korea-Japan match ahead, Bae Dong-hyun’s concentration is uniquely different. He said, “I try not to play a boring game,” and “he is preparing for the game with the thought of somehow finishing it within the first round.”

Bae Dong-hyun did not forget to provoke his opponent. He said, “He keeps saying that he is a fighter, but I will definitely show you what happens when a fighter and a fighter fight. I will prove how strong Road FC fighters are.”

Sekino also sent an interview video to Road FC to convey his thoughts ahead of the match. He said, “I am looking forward to going to the big stage of Road FC in Korea. Right now, I have no choice but to defeat Bae Dong-hyeon. He showed confidence, saying, “I will conquer Korea’s heavyweight division.”

‘Gobne Road FC 063’, where the two fighters will face off, will start at 4:00 pm on the 25th and will be broadcast live on SPOTV. The online live broadcast can be watched on Daum Sports, Kakao TV, and Afreeca TV.

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