Hard-throwing ‘No. 1 official’ Bokbun rookie, first half over + All-Star unclear, “My elbow is heavy…” [Oh!Strong Busan]

바카라Rookie pitcher Park Myung-geun (19), who played an integral role in the LG Twins’ first-place finish, finished the first half. He will rest until the start of the second half.

LG manager Yeom Kyung-yeop explained the plan to expunge the rookie at Sajik Stadium in Busan on July 7. The game against Lotte was canceled due to rain, and Park will be removed from the first team roster on the 8th.

Park Myung-geun came up in the sixth inning after Kelly, who started the previous day (June 6), but was pulled after giving up two runs on one hit and two walks without recording a single out. For the time being, the team managed to pull out an 8-7 victory with a total bullpen effort.

However, the status of Park Myung-geun was something to keep an eye on. Park, a third-round pick in this year’s rookie draft, had a 3.25 ERA (13 earned runs in 36 innings) with four wins, five saves, and five holds in 36 games. While the starters were subpar, Park’s role in the bullpen was more than enough to get LG over the hump and into first place.

Still, he threw a lot as a rookie. I was diagnosed with elbow discomfort. Manager Yoon Kyung-yeop ended the first half of the season with Park Myung-geun. Yoon said, “After throwing yesterday, he said he felt heavy around his elbow again. I was going to give him a break after the All-Star Game, but I think I’ll have to take him out of the All-Star Game as well, so he can throw steadily in the second half. I think I’ll take about two weeks off,” he said, adding, “I have to be careful because if I push myself too hard, it could affect my second half. In yesterday’s game, I couldn’t get the ball to come up, so I thought about it and decided to take him out of the lineup.” Park Myung-geun was named to the All-Star roster as a recommended player, but his participation in the All-Star game is now unlikely at this point.

Yeom continued, “(Park) Myung-geun has done enough. It’s time for him to rest. I was thinking about long relief, so I thought about giving him about 60 innings, so I thought about 80 innings, but I didn’t think it would be long relief, so I was thinking about 60 to 65 innings.” “I used him a lot more in the first half than I thought because the start was not good. Nevertheless, Myung-geun did a good job,” he said, recognizing his contribution.

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