Hangzhou AG overseas expansion… 1m 94cm ‘K-Hollan’ Heo Yul’s dream

Gwangju FC striker Huh Yul (22)’s near goal is to participate in the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games. After honing his skills, his dream is to advance overseas.

At the winter battery training media camp held in Jeju on the 8th, Huh Yul said, “There is the Asian Games in Hangzhou this year. I want to compete in the national team again,” he said. That way, I will have more time to play and gain confidence, so I think I can show off the play I want to do on the pitch.”

Heo Yul is a striker who debuted in Gwangju in the 2021 season. After missing half a season due to an injury in 2021, he scored 2 goals and 1 assist in 18 K-League 1 games. I showed my skills in the K League 2 last season. He appeared in 33 games and scored 6 goals and 4 assists, helping Gwangju to promote. 

He didn’t stand out as a forward striker, but he was noticed for his unconventional style. Heo Yul, who is 1m94cm tall and weighs more than 90kg, is different from other tall strikers, and his main weapon is footwork that is superior스포츠토토 to aerial competition. He is a semi-skilled 100m run in 12 seconds. This is why he is evaluated as a player who will succeed the lineage of tall strikers of Woo Sung-yong and Kim Shin-wook (Kitche SC). 

Prior to his professional debut, he focused on aerial competitions, but after meeting Gwangju coach Lee Jung-hyo, he transformed into a versatile striker. Manager Lee wants the striker to come down to help build up and then move forward with the midfielder rather than staying in the front. Gwangju also often sends crosses into the space between the opponent’s defense and the goalkeeper, not the head of the striker. The team uses tactics that fit the latest trend, and Heo Yul is also specialized in this kind of movement. 

This is the background of Hwang Seon-hong’s U-23 soccer team’s call for heo-yul last year. In the process of selecting players for the Asian Games and the 2024 Paris Olympics, coach Hwang experimented with the forefront card. However, Huh Yul has recently moved away from the U-23 national team.

In order to step on the land of Hangzhou, it is desperate to play in the league. Having achieved double-digit attack points (10) last year, he said, “This year is important. He seems to have to work harder and prepare better than in the previous season,” he said. Only then, I think, he can go to the national team by age group.”

Another teacher for Heo Yul, who is trying to improve in the new season, is Elling Hollan (Manchester City). Hollan also boasts fast speed despite being 1m 95cm tall. His scoring ability is one of the best in the world. Heo Yul said, “When the team analyzes the game, I watch a lot of Man City games. Tactically and personally, Hollan’s movement is very helpful.”

His dream is also to go abroad. Recently, striker Oh Hyeon-gyu, born in 2001, joined Celtic. Heo Yul said, “If you are a soccer player, your goal is to play in the European leagues. If I put in a lot of effort and show a good image in my current position, I think an opportunity will come,” he said, drawing a bright future.

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