“Ha-seong Kim is the first trade target” The Boston press still regrets Ha-seong Kim

Kim Ha-seong (28‧ San Diego), who had many transfer rumors during the offseason, but as a result, the possibility of playing in 2023 in a San Diego uniform without a trade increased. However, the Boston press, which was one of the epicenters of rumors, still seems to miss Ha-seong Kim.

On the 11th (Korean time), ‘Math Live’, one of the influential local media outlets, published a column titled ‘Why the Red Sox need to recruit another infielder by trade, Ha-seong Kim is the number one target’, an element of anxiety in the Boston infield. We analyzed why Ha-seong Kim and Ha-seong Kim are attractive players to Boston.

Last year, Boston’s main shortstop Zander Bogarts left the team after signing an 11-year, $280 million contract with San Diego. After that, Trevor Story, who was the main second baseman, left due to elbow surgery, leaving the center infield empty.

Boston, which had been rumored to be a free agency acquisition and trade, moved utility player Kike Hernandez to the infield and acquired Adalberto Mondesi through a trade, filling the shortstop position as soon as possible. However, I saw that ‘Math Live’ still had too many elements of anxiety.

The gist of ‘Mass Live’ is as follows. First of all, last year, Boston recorded 51 wins and 43 losses in 94 games in which Trevor Story played, but it was sluggish with 27 wins and 41 losses in games he missed카지노. Story showed a good performance on defense, and the logic is that more infielders are needed as Story’s breakout gap is large.

He also pointed out that Mondesi and Christian Arroyo have frequent injuries. Apart from his outstanding qualities, Mondesi has been plagued with injuries throughout his career. ‘Mass Live’ said, ‘Mondesi and Arroyo were often injured and could not stay on the field steadily during their careers. Boston needs to add one more infielder.”

He also criticized the lack of alternatives when Mondesi and Arroyo leave due to injuries. ‘Math Live’ said, ‘David Hamilton, Sedan Rafaela, and Emmanuel Valdes are central infielders on the 40-man roster, but all three players have zero major league experience.’ He expressed concern, saying he had never played in the .

‘Math Live’ said that ‘potential trade targets include Kim Ha-seong, Cleveland’s Ahmed Rosario, and Yankees’ Isaiah Cainer-Palepa’, and saw that Kim Ha-seong could be the most effective alternative. Although he’s not an offensive shortstop with a lot of long hits like Bo Gatz, he has a stable defense, can play in multiple positions, and has a club-friendly contract.

However, as San Diego also plans to appoint Bogarts as the main shortstop and Ha-seong Kim as the main second baseman, it is doubtful whether they will be traded smoothly. Perhaps, it is expected that the discussion will progress only when a clear starter card that appeals to San Diego is presented

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