‘God of football’ Saudi Arabia? Messi’s father “There is only one truth, nothing is agreed”

The news that Lionel Messi (36, Paris Saint-Germain), the ‘god of football’, will move his active stage to Saudi Arabia made the world football world buzz. His father and agent Jorge Messi immediately dismissed the rumors as ‘false’.

AFP news agency카지노사이트 reported on the 9th (Korean time) that Messi has signed a super-large contract with the Saudi club. It was predicted that a contract with an annual salary of 500 million euros (about 727 billion won) would be made. An official familiar with the contract process told AFP, “Messi’s contract has been completed. Messi will play in the Saudi league from next season. The size of the contract is enormous. It remains only to coordinate the details,” he said. 

Coincidentally, Messi recently visited Saudi Arabia without permission from the club and was at the center of controversy. It also coincided that the contract with PSG expires on June 30th. Many media reported that Messi’s trip to Saudi Arabia was confirmed.

However, Messi’s father, Jorge Messi, posted a statement on Instagram. “I have never reached an agreement with any club,” he said. A decision will not be made until Lionel finishes the league at PSG.”

“After the season, it will be time to see what is out there and then make a decision,” he said. We can be sure that there is nobody and nothing. There has been no agreement, neither verbally nor in writing, and it will not be until the end of the season.”

The world’s attention is focused on Messi’s next destination. Only a message signed a two-year contract with PSG in 2021, but no news of renewal has been heard. Rather, rumors are circulating that he will return to his ‘parent’ FC Barcelona. Rumors are pouring in that Barcelona want him back. However, it is known that it will be difficult for Barcelona, ​​which is suffering from financial difficulties, to accompany Messi.

There are many stories about returning to Spain and going to Asia, but nothing has been decided yet. Like when he wore the PSG uniform two years ago, it seems likely that he will set up a negotiating table with other clubs after the season.

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