[Go commentary with Samsung Fire & Marine Engineering AI] Humans cannot be discarded

It is natural that Choi Jeong, 9th Dan, saved three points following the hundred and one. However, the AI ​​graph fluctuates as soon as it is on the back 1. They say don’t save it, throw it away. AI really likes to throw away stones. No matter how big a stone is, he throws it away without blinking. Throw away stones that are not related to offense, defense 먹튀검증, or half-breeds more easily, and discard them more actively if they have useful value. But for human masters, a hundred and one is normal. After running away with black 2 and white 3, Ichiriki moved with 6 and 8. AI says A is better than 6.◆Choice of AI = The AI ​​tells you to cleanly discard 100 points by putting them on white 1 or A. AI is a being that tries to play Go to the end. I recommend this one because it is better to compare saving and discarding three points and discarding them. However, it doesn’t end there. It is so difficult to understand and understand why humans throw away things. If you solve all of them, one day humans will be able to beat AI.◆ Practice progress = It is easy to change an idol. The cut of bag 1 is the pulse point, and then it is returned to 3 and 5. Black takes advantage with a 6. Black’s slight advantage.

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