‘From Germany to surgery’ Lee Ki-je’s left foot did not come for free

 practiced without knowing that injuries would come in order to acquire more delicate and sharp kicking power.

Left-footed fullback Lee Ki-je recorded 14 assists in the 2022 season and won the best eleven of the season along with the K League 1 assist king. In the last 2021 season, he showed off several sharp free kick goals and was reborn as the best left-footed kicker in the league, continuing his reputation.

Interest from multiple clubs surged towards Lee Ki-je, who has a powerful weapon. Suwon fans were worried that Lee Gi-je, who was good at doing well, was anxious about leaving. However, in December of last year, he signed a 3-year renewal contract with Suwon, and will wear the captain’s armband this year.

On the 27th, Lee Ki-je, who met ‘Footballist’ through Suwon’s winter battery training media camp held at a hotel in Jeju City, revealed that his left foot kicking power was “the result of hard work.” He practiced kicking to the point of developing a sports hernia. Lee Ki-je practiced crosses whenever he had free time, asking fellow strikers such as Oh Hyun-gyu and Ahn Byung-jun.

Lee Gi-je, who had to play the season with a sports hernia injury, looked back, saying, “I was very sick for a year. On my day off, I put on ice and did reinforcement training.”

Gije Lee, who played a whopping 37 games including last year’s league matches and promotion playoffs, couldn’t relax and celebrate with his teammates even when he recorded an assist. He smiled, saying, “Every time I run or kick fast, it hurts. Even when I assist, I feel pain. Even when I score a goal, I slowly jog and approach the players during the ceremony.” 스포츠토토

As soon as the season was over, I flew to Germany and had a sports hernia surgery. It was a recommendation from Kim Gun-hee, who had the experience of having surgery in Germany for a sports hernia in 2021. Lee Gi-je said, “This was my first surgery. I heard that it was an injury with a high possibility of recurrence, so I went all the way to Germany to treat it properly, and the surgery went very well.”

Lee Ki-je did not participate in the pre-training in Suwon before starting winter training to recover from surgery. He first started training to prepare for the 2023 season in Geoje, his primary battery training ground.

Lee Ki-je expressed his confidence, saying, “Now I’m completely cured. Even recovering from the surgery, everything went well. It was okay when I cross-raised. This year, I will prepare for the season with a lighter heart and no pain.”

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