“Forget about age!”…”Fluttering” Yeo Oh-hyun and Jeong Dae-young in their 40s

Does time go backwards?

Professional안전놀이터 volleyball veterans such as Jeong Dae-young, Yeo-hyeon, and Hwang Yeon-ju are playing a hot role on the court.

This is reporter Lee Ji-eun on the sidewalk.

Jeong Dae-young blocks the opponent’s attack with iron wall blocking and saves the team from danger with a flurry of defense.

Jeong Dae-young, a working mom born in 1981, is still guarding the coat many of her peers have left behind.

[Relay broadcast commentator: 5,500 points in total! Jeong Dae-young’s time has not stopped yet.]

[Jung Dae-young / Korea Expressway Corporation middle blocker: Every game is so much fun, and I don’t know when it will be my last. So, each game is so precious that I feel the charm of volleyball more now and am enjoying it more.]

Player-coach Yeo Oh-hyun’s performance at Hyundai Capital shows that age is just a number.

At 45 years old, he is the oldest active player, but he is proudly ranked first in receiving efficiency.

[Relay broadcasting commentator: Yeo Oh-hyun’s dig one makes a point. Yeo Oh-hyun, born in 1978. In fact, the game was over now.]

Hwang Yeon-joo, born in 1986, who filled the void left by foreign player Yasmin, also shines.

In his second heyday, he was even nicknamed an antler instead of a sika deer.

The performance of veterans with skills and experience is adding to the heat of volleyball, the most popular winter sport.

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