Following Ryu Hyun-jin, even Bae Ji-hwan was hit by ‘The Blind Man with Open Eyes’… Sweeping the 1st to 3rd places for worst miscarriage, people complain, “It’s consistently terrible.”

 Bae Ji-hwan (24, Pittsburgh), who was unfortunately placed on the injured list due to a left ankle injury, has performed well since returning from injury and is being included in Pittsburgh’s future plans. After his return, he hit .250 in 24 games, showing a better batting average than before his return (.238).

Of the 11 games he played in until the 14th (Korean time) in September, he continued his batting ability by hitting in all 10 games except for one. He hit in eight consecutive games from the game against Milwaukee on the 6th to the game against Washington on the 14th. It was difficult to say that he was an explosive hitter, but he was consistently on base in every game and was creating a trend on his own.

Bae Ji-hwan’s streak of hitting in consecutive games was broken in the game against Washington held at PNC Park, his home stadium, on the 15th. Bae Ji-hwan went 0-hit in 4 at-bats with 3 strikeouts on this day, showing a blemish on his recent steady batting graph. His season batting average also dropped from 0.245 to 0.242.

A batter cannot hit in every game. There are days when he goes 0-for-4 or 0-for-5. However, on this day, Bae Ji-hwan’s failure to hit a hit was more highlighted by the referee’s unfair strike decision. Referee Ángel Hernández, famous for his inability to call strike-ball, caused several major accidents. As a result, a large number of misjudges poured out during Bae Ji-hwan’s at-bat.

According to an analysis by ‘Umpire Scorecards’, which analyzes the accuracy of umpires’ decisions, it was confirmed that the worst strike-ball decisions of the day were all centered around Bae Ji-hwan’s at bat. ‘Empire Scorecards’ makes this ranking by comprehensively analyzing how poor the call was and how important the game situation was. In other words, it meant that Bae Ji-hwan suffered an absurd misjudgment in an important situation.

I went in with high hopes, but from the beginning of the first inning, there was a mistrial. Bae Ji-hwan competed in a full-count match with opposing starter Josiah Gray. However, the 6th pitch was a cutter that came in on the high side. Even by general strike judgment standards, it was a generous ball considering Bae Ji-hwan’s body is not that big. But referee Hernández’s hand went up. It was a looking strikeout. Bae Ji-hwan was surprised.

Bae Ji-hwan, who suffered a loss in on-base percentage due to a walk turning into a strikeout, struck out after missing a swing in his second at-bat in the third inning. And I cried when the referee came again in the 6th inning when the team was ahead 2-0. In a situation where Gray faced 2B-2S, the 5th pitch sweeper fell outside the left batter. It wasn’t that difficult to judge that the ball came in from the outside and curved in. However, this time, when referee Hernández made the call, 카지노 he struck out again. Bae Ji-hwan shook his head.

The 1st decision ranked 1st as the worst decision of the day, and the 6th decision ranked 2nd as the worst decision of the day. The third worst decision also came from Bae Ji-hwan’s at-bat. Coincidentally, it was the first episode, and Bae Ji-hwan benefited from this decision. In 1B-1S, the curve fell sharply on the 3rd pitch low course.

Graphically, it appeared to have entered the zone. This was also true when considering that the curve was a ball falling from top to bottom. But referee Hernández did not raise his hand. In the first inning, both Gray and Bae Ji-hwan suffered losses. However, what separated 1st and 3rd place was the difference between whether it was before or after 2S.

The accuracy of referee Hernández’s decision that day was literally shocking. The overall difficulty level of the game required an accuracy of 92%, but referee Hernández’s accuracy was much lower at 84%. He missed 15 of his 93 balls in a heap. Consistency was also 91%, which was lower than the league average (94%). It’s not accurate and it’s not consistent, so pitchers and batters can’t help but feel frustrated about how to set the zone.

Fans who saw these numbers also commented on “Performance,” he sarcastically said. The fans are also tired because they are constantly making mistakes. He has a poor record for decision accuracy not only as a umpire but also at first base.

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