‘Family man’ Nick Williams loves his fans

바카라사이트The Hanwha Eagles’ new foreign batsman Nick Williams has a special place in his heart for his family. He has his mother’s name tattooed on the wrist of his right arm. The number 3 he wears for Hanwha was the favourite number of his brother, who passed away in a car accident.

During the three-game series between Hanwha and KT Wiz, which ended in a rain cancellation on the 29th, Williams was not only the focus of attention, but also Hanwha’s winning streak. From his impressions of Korea to the meaning of his tattoos and jersey number. Given his predecessor Brian O’Grady’s poor form, all eyes were on his successor.

Expectations weren’t always high. Some thought he was running out of time in a market where quality players were hard to come by. There were also concerns that he would struggle to adapt to Korea, as his strikeout rate in the big leagues was 27.8 per cent, despite his power.

It’s too early to tell, but Williams’ impressions in his first two games have defied expectations. After failing to register a hit in his debut, he scored his first run with a diving catch in Saguaro. He also made a diving catch. In the previous day’s game, he hit two doubles and scored a run, setting the stage for a come-from-behind win.

His performance went beyond the scoreboard. Even when he didn’t get a hit, he continued to produce quality at-bats. In his second at-bat, he smashed a change-up from Young-pyo Ko to the walking track, prompting praise from manager Choi Won-ho.

Of course, there are no guarantees that he will continue to feel this good throughout the season. The better Hanwha performs, the more detailed the analyses of Williams’ pitches will be. That’s why attitude is just as important as skill. So far, Hanwa has shown a passable attitude. The previous day’s match was typical. She sprinted to second base on a grounder to short, and then sprinted to third on a grounder in front of the infield. The fans responded with applause.

It’s not a style that’s closed to change. His distinctive batting stance, in which he keeps his centre of gravity low and his legs diagonally wide apart, was established by his coach as a rookie in the big leagues.

His naturally cheerful personality is expected to serve him well away from home. A smile never leaves his face. He was once asked by a coach of his former team, “Why are you always smiling?” He is sometimes shy enough to be called “shy guy” on the field, but he has reliable helpers such as Moon Dong-ju, who can speak English. At this rate, it won’t be long before he becomes a core member of the Eagle Family.

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