[Exclusive] Catcher Kim Tae-gun eventually goes to KIA…Samsung trades Ryu Ji-hyuk for 1 for 1

카지노사이트The Kia Tigers bolster their line-up with the signing of a veteran catcher. Samsung Lions veteran catcher Kim Tae-gun is the man.

According to MK Sports, Samsung and KIA have agreed to a one-for-one trade that will send Kim Tae-gun to KIA in exchange for a beast of a catcher. KIA officially announced the one-for-one trade for Ryu Ji-hyuk and Kim Tae-gun in a press release at 1:40pm.

“We don’t have anything official to say about the trade right now,” a KIA representative said in response to MK Sports’ inquiries about the trade prior to the press release.KIA has been plagued by a catcher shortage since the beginning of the season, with opening day catchers Han Seung-taek and Joo Hyo-sang dropping out of the first-team roster due to injury and poor form, respectively. Young catchers Shin Beom-soo and Han Joon-soo, who came up from the Future Team, have also been criticised for their up-and-down performances as of late.

Finally, after consistently knocking on the trade door, KIA has reportedly agreed to a trade for veteran catcher Kim Tae-gun, who recently played for Samsung.

Kim appeared in 49 games this season, batting .256 with 32 hits, one home run, and 18 RBIs. Playing in a “three-catcher system” with Kang Min-ho and Kim Jae-sung, Kim did not get much playing time. From KIA’s point of view, the addition of Kim Tae-gun, who needs more playing time, will help bolster the roster and motivate the players.

Kia had been at the negotiating table with Samsung for a pitcher for a long time. However, recently, a new idea has emerged in the form of a one-for-one trade in which a pitcher is traded for a bat. In the end, Samsung, which has recently fallen to the bottom of the league due to a lack of pitching and batting, decided to acquire Ryu Ji-hyuk to bolster its batting line-up.

Ryu appeared in 66 games this season, batting .268 with 59 hits and 17 RBIs. Ryu Ji-hyeok was the primary outfielder in the KIA infield in the first half of the season, splitting time between third and second base. His presence in the outfield was significant, so the loss of him will be significant.Ryu Ji-hyeok has played in 66 games this season, hitting .268 with 59 hits and 17 RBIs. In the first half of the season, Ryu was the main bat in the KIA infield, splitting time between third base and second base. His presence in the outfield was significant, so the loss of Ryu will be significant.

Still, from KIA’s perspective, the infield traffic needed to be sorted out given Kim Do-young’s return from injury and the return of Kim Sun-bin. In the end, the team decided to cut Ryu to bolster the vulnerable position of catcher. The veteran catcher’s presence will also have a positive effect on the pitchers on the mound.

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