[Exclusive] Ansan launches audit of football clubs riddled with ‘recruitment irregularities’, requests submission of last three years’ data

The city of Ansan has taken steps to restore its football club to normalcy.토스카지노 As allegations of organised collusion by key figures in the club, including the agent, CEO, and head of the power enhancement team, have been revealed, the city is launching an audit to recreate the club at the level of dissolution.

On the 11th, multiple officials familiar with the situation in Ansan said, “Ansan City will start auditing the football club in early September. On the 10th, the city requested the club’s audit data for the previous three years.”

The Ansan Greeners, who play in the K League 2 (second division), began to run aground in early June. The Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office’s Criminal Division 9 detained former head coach Lim Jong-heon while investigating agent Choi, who was accused of fraud by former professional footballer Jeon, and sought arrest warrants for former CEO Lee Jong-gul and Bae, the head of the strategy and reinforcement team, for paying players he managed to join professional teams. The detention was dismissed, but prosecution is inevitable due to the collusion.

According to prosecutors, Lee is suspected of taking a total of 27 million won, including 10 million won in cash and a luxury watch worth 17 million won, from agent Choi in exchange for signing two players to Ansan between November last year and January this year. Bae’s charge is that he received 30 million won in cash from Choi on three occasions between August last year and February this year in exchange for signing the players while he was in charge of the club’s scouting work.

Yonhap News Agency
Initially, the city of Ansan said it would wait to see the outcome of the prosecution’s investigation before launching an audit. However, following a series of public reports that the current allegations are the “tip of the iceberg,” the city of Ansan is planning to launch its own audit, believing that there may be more systematic collusion. If the audit is successful and reveals other crimes, the answer that Lee gave to the court on the 7th of this month in response to the question, “Was there an organisational collusion at the club level regarding the selection of players?” during the substantive examination of the arrest warrant will be false.

Ansan City is reportedly planning to conduct a comprehensive audit, including players recruited in the past three years and backroom deals for youth players.

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