Excluding the belated but honest WBC Sulpan player, it is fortunate that the all-star fan vote can be omitted

Fortunately, the possibility of problem players being included in the All-Star game has disappeared.

It is also true that the possibility of playing in the All-Star Game was raised through the All-Star fan vote because they were players who had done a great job in the KBO League.

However, through quick acknowledgment and apology, that possibility was blocked. Although the timing was unfortunate, the club excluded the problematic players from the first team entry and blocked the possibility of being selected as an All-Star.메이저사이트

NC Lee Yong-chan is apologizing for causing a drinking incident during the WBC. Photo = Provided by NC Dinos
The candidates for the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO All-Star ‘Best 12’, which will be held in Sajik on July 15, were released on May 31.

The 2023 KBO All-Star Game is composed of Dream All-Stars (SSG, KT, Samsung, Lotte, Doosan) and Sharing All-Stars (Kiwoom, LG, KIA, NC, Hanwha), and out of a total of 120 candidates recommended by each club for each position, , Select a total of 24 ‘Best 12’ from both teams.

Fan voting will be held for 21 days from the 5th to June 25th, and you can vote through the Shinhan SOL (Sol) app operated by Shinhan Bank, the KBO League title sponsor, as well as the KBO website and KBO official app. The final best 12 is selected by adding 70% of the fan votes held for about 3 weeks and 30% of the votes directly participated by the KBO league players.

Voting can be done three times a day, once a day at each polling place, and KBO will add up all fan votes every Monday during the voting period and announce the interim count. As part of Fan First, various giveaway events will be held for baseball fans who participate in voting, and detailed events will be released later.

The problem was that players involved in the WBC drinking scandal could be selected for the All-Star Best 12.

If the player and club denied involvement to the end, there was a possibility of being selected as an All-Star through a fan vote.

Those were the players who did a great job in the KBO League.

However, following the public apology on the 1st, Kim Kwang-hyeon (1st), Jeong Cheol-won, and Lee Yong-chan (2nd) were excluded from the first team entry after an official apology, and the fans’ choice became clearer.

Only Kim Gwang-hyun was excluded from the entry on the 1st, and there were concerns that the other two players would wait for KBO punishment while participating in the game.

Players selected as All-Stars should be recognized for their individual efforts and become the brightest stars. The honor should not go back to the player who caused a drinking scandal in the WBC.

Fortunately, through quick acknowledgment and apology, only the worst case of problematic players being selected for the All-Star game could be prevented.

It is shameless, but it has become a situation where we have no choice but to expect the love of the fans again. Through the all-star fan vote, fans have a chance to confirm who the player they really love is.

It is a great fortune for the KBO that players who drank during the WBC period were excluded from the love target.

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