Established Daejeon Physical High School women’s handball club

Daejeon Sports High School founded the women’s handball club on the 3rd.

As a result, female handball players who graduated from Daejeon Yucheon Elementary School and Dongbang Girls’ Middle School can continue their careers by going to Daejeon Physical Education High School without leaving the region바카라사이트.

Daejeon Physical High School’s women’s handball team, led by former national team player Woo Woo-hee, the protagonist of the myth of ‘Woo Saeng-soon’, consisted of 10 players, including 4 graduates from last year and 6 freshmen this year.

Kim Seok-jung, head of the Department of Physical Education, Daejeon Metropolitan Office of Education, said, “I am very happy that the women’s handball club was established at Daejeon High School. We will spare no administrative and financial support for the establishment of a dedicated gym so that players can train in a good environment.”

Meanwhile, the Daejeon Metropolitan Office of Education provided 40 million won, the Korea Handball Association 20 million won, and the Daejeon City Sports Association supported 5 million won for the founding of the women’s handball club at Daejeon Physical High School.

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