‘End of the Cliff’ Road Construction Director Kim Jong-min “The difference in ability is huge, we need to rebound from Gimcheon”

Korea Expressway Corporation coach Kim Jong-min, who was driven to the edge of a cliff, pledged to rebound.

On the 31st, the road construction suffered a set score of 0-3 and a shutout loss in the second leg of the Dodram 2022-2023 V-League Women’s Championship against Heungkuk Life Insurance at Samsan Indoor Gymnasium in Incheon. Highway Corporation, who lost by a set score of 1-3 in the first game, suffered two losses in the best-of-five championship match, so they had to win all the remaining three games to look forward to winning.

At the time of the first game, the road construction,먹튀검증 which struggled with cold symptoms of key players such as Park Jung-ah and Bae Yu-na, was also struggling with Heungkuk Life Insurance amid heavy movement on this day. Amidst the lack of reception, they could not find a breakthrough, such as overlapping crime rooms.

Coach Kim smiled bitterly after the game, saying, “I have nothing to say.” He said, “It seems that there is a difference in skill rather than a cold. The opponent has such good strikers, so it is difficult to block if the speed revives. If our serve is strong, we can hit and block it, but that part was also weak. We played a lot, but there were many scenes that ended with one attack from the opponent. It seems that it was difficult for us to dominate the game,” he looked back calmly.

Coach Kim said, “I can’t help but feel bad,” and said, “I thought the opponent’s power would be superior to us by about 7 to 3. I think it’s not enough to overturn that part with the current players’ physical condition. We will prepare well in Gimcheon and rebound.” I will make it possible,” he said.

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