Delab + Park Joo-ho? Sewerage!… Iranian football’s 50m ultra-long distance ‘tumbling throw-in’ is a hot topic

A fantastic ‘tumbling throw-in’ in Iranian professional football drew attention.

On the 1st (Korean time) in the Persian Gulf Pro League, the highest level of Iranian professional football, a wonderful throw-in scene came out and became a hot topic among fans belatedly.

The scene came from the 24th round match between Iranian first division clubs Estegral Tehran FC and Jobb Ahan Isfahan FC.

A Jove Ahan player who faced a throw-in situation in the friendly 온라인카지노camp boldly attempted a ‘tumbling throw-in’. The ball flew more than 50m and reached right in front of the opponent’s penalty box.

At this time, it was a decisive opportunity as it was accurately delivered to the friendly striker, but the ‘tumbling throw-in’ did not lead to help as the striker unfortunately failed to score.

When the throw-in scene, which was not connected to the attack point but was amazing, came out in the Iran Pro League, some fans remembered Lori Delap, the ‘human catapult’ who played an active role in Stoke City in the past.

Delap was famous for his ‘ultra-long throw-in’ back when Stoke City were in the Premier League. Delap, a former javelin thrower, used his strong shoulder to throw the ball into the penalty box on a throw-in.

Delap’s long-range throw-in has become one of Stoke’s set-piece tactics, creating many set-piece goals with high accuracy.

So, some teams made a rare scene by allowing a corner kick to avoid giving a throw-in against Stoke.

Some domestic soccer fans even thought of Park Joo-ho. Park Joo-ho, who currently plays for Suwon FC, tried a ‘tumbling throw-in’ against Japan in 2007 when he was a member of the Korea U-20 youth team.

Park Joo-ho delivered the ball into the Japanese penalty box with a ‘tumbling throw-in’ near the goal line, but the goalkeeper, who came out of the goal, hit it with his hand and failed to lead to a shot.

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