Dallas’ Spencer Dinwiddie guaranteed salary for 2023-24

The Dallas Mavericks will maintain their backcourt power in the upcoming 2023-2024 season.

According to ESPN reporter Bobby Marks, Dallas’ ‘The Mayor’ Spencer Dinwiddie (guard, 196cm, 98kg) is guaranteed a salary for the next season.

Dinwiddie’s original contract (three years, $54 million) allowed him to carry over into next season. However, he was not guaranteed a salary for the next season, and the number of games was limited. He has secured an annual salary of $18.85 million for the next season by playing in 50 games this season. He also earned a performance bonus of $1.5 million.

He will go on an away game against the Utah Jazz on the 29th (Korean time). He will play in his 50th game of the season as he plays today. Recently, he has been playing a good role, and he has been reborn as an indispensable force in Dallas. The transfer of Jalen Brunson (New York) is of great help to the backcourt, which has been greatly weakened.스포츠토토

Dinwiddie has appeared in 49 games this season. He is averaging 17.3 points (.464 .407 .830), 3 rebounds and 5.3 assists in 34 minutes per game. He is responsible for the most points averaged since he averaged 20.6 points in the last 2019-2020 season. Even in his last season, he played his own role in Dallas mainly from the bench, but his performance is outstanding after starting as a starter.

Currently, Dallas is under the pressure of Luka Doncic. At least there is Dinwiddy, so the burden can be relieved. Even more so, while several players have left the line due to injuries, he is proud of his solid durability, having missed only one game so far this season. He appeared in the most games for Dallas and ranks third on the team in scoring average and second in assists average.

Dallas needs Dinwiddie this season. He has yet to sign an extended contract with Christian Wood, but he could make a change after this season if he doesn’t sign a deal. He has no room to use Dinwiddie as a trade card. However, considering Dinwiddy’s contribution and being a good backcourt partner next to Doncic, it is expected that he will prepare for next season with Dinwiddy.

Meanwhile, Dallas is in 6th place in the Western Conference with 26 wins and 24 losses so far this season. Even until the beginning of this month, they had a good record of 23 wins and 17 losses. However, in the last 10 games, they have only 3 wins and 7 losses. They’ve suffered three losing streaks, and have slowed down with three straight losses during the month. Recently, even Doncic has been away from his seat due to an injury, albeit slightly, and the weakening of power has intensified. Recently, he escaped from a losing streak by catching the Phoenix Suns.

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