Contreras puts on catcher’s mask again

St. Louis Cardinals catcher Wilson Contreras, who was recently pushed out as a designated hitter, will return to his original position.

On the 14th 메이저놀이터(Korean time) ahead of an away game against the Boston Red Sox, St. Louis coach Oli Mamol reported the news of Contreras’ return as catcher in an interview with local media outlets such as ‘’.

Contreras will work with starter Jack Flairty in a home game against the Milwaukee Brewers at Busch Stadium on the 16th.

St. Louis used Contreras as the designated hitter for a while. Photo =ⓒAFPBBNews = News1
Contreras has been running as a designated hitter ever since the home game against the Detroit Tigers on the 6th. As the sluggishness of the pitching staff continued, the pitchers moved Contreras’ position to designated hitter and changed Andrew Kisner to the main catcher, citing the reason that they could work with a catcher who was a little more familiar.

In the end, it’s like putting it back to its original position. “It’s what the players wanted,” Mamol said. I also like the progress we’ve made so far,” he said, explaining the background to the decision.

Flairty said, “The words I said a few weeks ago were out of despair. No matter who the catcher was, it wouldn’t have changed. The problem was that I couldn’t throw the ball properly.”

“I want him to come back as catcher. His competitive spirit instills confidence in me. I think the next pitch will be really fun,” he said, expressing his anticipation of working with him again.

Contreras is a veteran who played 5,219 1/3 innings only as a catcher. He was a three-time All-Star and helped the Chicago Cubs win the World Series in 2016.

The Cardinals selected him as the successor to Yadier Molina last offseason, giving him a five-year, $87.5 million contract. However, as a catcher, he did not fully trust his ability, causing controversy.

St. Louis currently sits at the bottom of the National League Central Division with 14-25. It is 7.5 games behind the world leader Milwaukee.

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